Buying Gwent cards from vendors To complete your Gwent collection, you must purchase every card on sale in the Northern Realms. The Witcher 3 Gwent Cards Checklist. You can unlock new cards by doing quests, buying them from vendors and finding them throughout the world. The merchant you saved from the griffin sells cards. Interactive dashboard that allows you to browse through the list of all Gwent cards available in the game with card details and locations. Earned by default.

More The Witcher 3 Guides:Console Commands (Cheat Codes).Complete Achievement / Trophy Guide.Guide for Stutter Free Smooth Gameplay.Off Map Secret Chest in White Orchard.Combat Guide (Some Useful Tips).Death March Walkthrough.Useful Tips and Tricks.A complete guide for the Gwent Card … Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno. In other words, players can track down the card by selecting the Gwent quest and following the waypoint to its location. Many of these quests are missable or non-repeatable but there are alternative ways to attain these cards. There are several Gwent quests that can provide the players with Gwent Cards that can’t be found anywhere else in The Witcher 3. Many of these merchants are well-versed in the game of Gwent, giving Geralt the opportunity to play and win a card from their deck. This close combat hero card can be bought from a Scoia’Tael Trader and Camp in Novigrad Forest. Innkeeper Elsa – White Orchard Gwent Card Purchase Location Innkeeper Elsa in White Orchard tavern sells cards. Clear Weather. Elsa the innkeeper sells cards. Clear Weathe. Use the Checkboxes to tick off the Cards that you have already collected. «The Witcher» - relate to those games that can be played dozens of times and still find something new. Can be bought from Inn keeperess at White Orchard Tavern in the White Orchard for 50 Crowns. Someone goes through the game time after time in search of the best ending, someone goes through the game, wanting to pump Geralt as much as possible, and someone is ready to spend a lot of playing time searching for cards for the best card game - “Gwent”. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't only an open-world RPG, it's also a deck building car game. Scroll down to find all Gwent Cards from the Witcher 3 game and find all Gwent players in Witcher 3. White orchard Gwent card Sorry if this has been discussed, I've tried looking online but haven't found the answer I'm looking for. There are three people you’ll want to visit regarding Gwent in White Orchard: The first player is at one of the tables at the Inn. She will sell you up to three Decoy cards if you return to her shop twice. For example one of the first merchants you can purchase cards from is the Innkeeper in White Orchard. The Gwent Card Game. Use the dynamic filters to select the card(s) you want to see. Each faction has its own unique cards, passive perks and leader abilities. Gwent Cards + White Orchard + Innkeeper Well, I've been online and checked to see if I could get the gwent card from the innkeeper that I missed and I checked the guy you saved at the start of the game and I'm not sure if I took the unique card that she had from him. Randomly earned after winning from the Crafter or Merchant. White Orchard [ edit ] Palace of Vizima [ edit ]