Our experience and interpretation of internal sensations as they are shaped by physiology, perceptions, language, and social experiences. Emotions Affect Attitudes and Behaviors at Work. Emotions also affect behaviours at work. emotion work may be defined as the management of one's own feelings, or work done in an effort to maintain a relationship; there is dispute as to whether emotion work is only work done regulating one's own emotion, or extends to performing the emotional work for others.

A form of emotion management that occurs within the private setting; believed to have use value, as compared with emotional labor, which is sold for a wage. emotional intelligence. Emotions shape an individual’s belief about the value of a job, a company, or a team. P-J fit is an important moderator, as well as autonomy and positive display rules. Discuss bright side of emotional labor When deep acting is used, natural emotions are expressed, and when workers identify with their roles, emotional labor augments and affirms one's identity and can be good. Information related to specific elements of job satisfaction EX: work itself, supervision, pay, coworkers Affective commitment Emotional attachment to an organization Research shows that individuals within your own inner circle are better able to recognize and understand your emotions (Elfenbein & … Expressive emotion work trying to change expressive gestures in the service of changing inner feeling (ex: smiling while crying) A same sort of events can be different for individuals based on a changed framing of the same sort of events Emotion Work. Emotional Capital. - satisfied employees are somewhat less likely to be absent from work - Job satisfaction leads to low turnover - job dissatisfaction triggers turnover and causes employees to consider quitting - satisfaction increases voluntary behaviors - satisfaction improves employee well-being

emotions. A form of capital that children receive at home that helps to prepare them for the emotional demands of their jobs. The ability to recognize which feelings are appropriate in which situations and the skill to communicate those feelings effectively.