[4] Of all the rugby league positions , second-row averages the most tackles. One of the most confusing aspects of rugby to beginners is what happens after a tackle. It all depends.

This is for safety reasons. Rugby Tackle. When you tackle an opponent, you cannot make contact above the shoulders. I'm answering this from a rugby union perspective. But there are certain laws on how to tackle and if these are not adhered to, penalties will follow. After each tackle the attacking team should be closer to their opposition's end of the field. A 2012 New Zealand study found that over 659 tackles are made per game in professional rugby league. If the ball carrier goes to ground, they must play the ball as soon as possible.
Understand this and you're well on your way to enjoying rugby. Tackling is the only way of legally bringing down your opponent in rugby union. Know what tacklers and tackled players are and what you must do. When, where, why and how you make a rugby tackle is an important part of the game.