Viperion: Not again! Second Chance is the special superpower granted by the Snake Miraculous to its owner. *sigh* Second chance! Over the course of five minutes, the figurehead slowly slides back into place. Ladybug; It's not that, it's just my lucky charm-Chat Noir: "Never fails" We get it. I cant take you two arguing anymore Ladybug runs over the Viperion Ladybug: Lu- .. When in need, the user activates the power by sliding the snake figurehead back again. I know we seen this in party crasher but this was pretty cool how Viperion uses his superpower Second Chance Ladybug: What is that supposed to mean? (Back to Ladybug and Chat Noir, again) Chat Noir: You didn't think we could defeat Shocker together? First, Snake Miraculous owner slides back the snake figurehead on the Miraculous to mark that moment in time.

Viperion: *out of breath* Stop it!