Smart News Keeping you current Five Things to Know About Boundary-Breaking Astronomer Vera Rubin Her observations confirmed the theory of dark matter, … She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1928 and moved with her family to Washington DC when she was 10. As such, the lavatories were labeled for men. For Vera Rubin, this particular predicament came in the mid-1960s, ... you had to sneak in under your husband’s name. “I think it’s no coincidence that the four children all ended up doing science,” Allan wrote in a family memoir.

Vera Rubin: Birthdate: estimated between 1844 and 1964: Death: Immediate Family: Wife of Shlomo Rubin Mother of Private and Yohanan Mooki Rubin. Vera Cooper Rubin (Filadelfia, 23 luglio 1928 – Princeton, 25 dicembre 2016) è stata un'astronoma statunitense pioniera nello studio della rotazione delle galassie.. A lei si deve la scoperta della materia oscura, ovvero quella componente invisibile e misteriosa che occupa il 25% dell'universo, nel 1974. Vera Rubin's work documented the movement of stars in galaxies and the movement of galaxies themselves, establishing without doubt that there is more to the universe than we can see. Vera Rubin, who died aged 88 on 25 December, was a distinguished astrophysicist and Gold Medalist of the RAS, who built her career on data that conflicted with received wisdom. Vera Rubin passed away on 25 December 2016, aged 88. Vera Rubin’s husband, Robert, a mathematician and physicist, died in 2008. In suo nome è stato dedicato un asteroide, 5726 Rubin Managed by: Ilan Efrat (Afriat) Last Updated: December 8, 2014