The most important skills for an agile coach include: Strong understanding of Scrum and Kanban. If you are an Agile Coach yourself, it may seem strange to others if you claim that you are of great added value to the organization. Experience as a Scrum master or with the agile methodology. For many months our team has used a … The most typical pattern is to start with one or two small projects and then build on … The Value of an Agile Coach Agile software development is a big change for many organizations. Knowledge of agile software … We do this by evoking and catalyzing the development of Agile Coaches as agents of organizational (and societal) transformation, combining education, coaching… In some ways, of course, it will be your clients who determine your value as an agile coach.

But sometimes clients are not in a good position to judge value. Talking to many Agile Coaches, we know that many struggle to make their value visible to companies and teams, in a simple and easy to absorb format. Some clients want you to parrot back … Agile Coaching Institute develops competence and confidence in the profession of Agile Coaching, from the ScrumMaster of a few teams all the way to the Enterprise Agile Coach.