Above and beyond that, the Soviets devised a few different specialized suppressed weapons, though they may not have debuted until the late sixties (or later). 7.62x25mm Peoples Rep China "type P" or Mk64 subsonic for the type 67 silenced pistol or type 64 silenced SMG, 120gr with steel core headstamp 11/88. Type: Single Action Caliber: 7.65x17 Type 64 ball Weight unloaded: 1050 g Length: 226 mm Barrel length: 95 mm Capacity: 9 rounds. The newer gun shares about 60% commonality of parts with another modern Chinese Army sidearm offering, the QSZ-92 (detailed elsewhere on this site). Type 67 - 7.65 mm silenced pistol Type 64 - 7.62 mm semi-automatic pistol, first firearm to be indigenously developed by the People's Republic of China. Ammo 7.62x17 Type 64 was developed in China in 1964 specifically for the Type 64 silenced pistol. The basis of the cartridge 7.62x17 cartridge was taken 7.65x17 Browning (.32 ACP). Im looking to buy a Chinese made silenced pistol, I live in he USA and many states allow a gun owner to own a surpressed pistol, I looked around and the Type 67 is my choice. Despite similar designations, it is not to be confused with the unrelated Type 64 pistol. Type 67 silenced pistol (People Republic of China) This pistol is a developed from the Type 64. from what i know, the Type 67 pistol uses 7.62x17 Type 64 ammunition, which is based on 7.65x17 SR Browning (.32 ACP), but w/o any rim. I think it was most common to suppress fixed-barrel .22 pistols, though. The QSX-06 pistol succeeds the Cold War-era Type 67 suppressed pistols (detailed elsewhere on this site). Contents[show] Pistols Military QSW-06 - 5.8 mm silenced pistol, replacing the Type 67 silenced pistol (In Service) QSZ-92 - 9 mm and 5.8mm pistol (In Service-Main) Type 84 - 7.62 mm small pistol for Security and Police forces. The Chinese also had the Type 64 and Type 67 silenced pistols. The Type 64 silenced pistol was eventually evolved into the more refined Type 67 series featuring a less-conspicuous, lighter silencer assembly fitting neatly into a squared-off frame while internals of the Type 64 were retained. It is far more compact and has a quieter action than the more common Soviet PB (silenced Makarov) and Chinese Type 67 silenced pistols. This version also chambered the 7.65x17mm Type 64 cartridge. Designed in 1964, the Type 64 was drafted into service around the same time. The Type 64 silent pistol is a Chinese integrally-suppressed pistol.

Type 64 pistol is generally replaced in service by the Type 67 silenced pistol, which is slightly more compact and a good deal lighter. Type 64 silenced pistol is a blowback operated, integrally silenced pistol. (Not in Service) Type 59 - 9 mm semi-automatic, copy of the Soviet Makarov PM.