After a rear-end collision of a passenger train into a freight train, the derailed vehicles also blocked the second track for trains moving in the opposite direction. The Lathen train collision occurred on 22 September 2006 when a Transrapid magnetic levitation (or " maglev ") train collided with a maintenance vehicle near Lathen, Germany, killing 23 people. 1 The Transrapid 2 The accident It was the first fatal accident involving a maglev train. Germany Germany opens inquiry after train collision injures dozens. Train crash in Germany Members of emergency services work at the site of the two crashed trains near Bad Aibling in southwestern Germany, February 9, 2016. The trains were equipped with a total of three train event recorders. Germany's rail safety mechanism In case signals fail, German railways are fitted with a final safety guard to prevent crashes. More than 40 people have been injured in a train crash near the German city of Düsseldorf, emergency services say. Rail accident of Würzburg 1 July 1886 9 February 2016. Media caption Germany train crash: Aerials show crash site devastation Other fatal German train crashes. The line and both trains were equipped with the Punktförmige Zugbeeinflussung (PZB) train protection system, which was designed to reinforce line-side signalling and prevent drivers from accidentally passing signals at danger. Germany train crash: Who owns Bavaria's trains? An oncoming train on the second track hit the remains of the first accident. Ten people are dead and 17 critically injured after a head-on collision between two trains in Germany's southern state of Bavaria, police say.