joy behar & meghan mccain fights on the view - Duration: 17:28.
Meghan McCain, the daughter of late Republican Sen. John McCain, has essentially placed the blame for President Donald Trump‘s rise to the presidency on former President Barack Obama.

The View’s conservative co-host Meghan McCain railed against the wild party scenes from this past Memorial Day weekend, saying on Tuesday she …

Meghan McCain co-hosts "The View" on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020. TARA THE VIEW 939,343 views. Nicolette Cain/ABC News While McCain is in good health, she made the decision to co-host from home. McCain even snapped at THE VIEW's audience, saying, "I'll wait until everyone is done applauding." During the episode, Meghan McCain walked off the set as cameras panned … Meghan McCain has become an outcast on “The View” by feistily feuding with every one of her co-hosts. 17:28. Friday's airing of ABC's The View appeared to get a little more heated than normal.

Meghan McCain had an absolute meltdown during Hot Topics on THE VIEW Tuesday morning.