If an abusive user has blocked you, you can use the export function to retrieve the list of their followers/followings after logging out, and then import the result after logging back in to Twitter. The extension does not block users you are following, or re-block users that have already been blocked.
Update: On June 1, Block.One, announced it is launching a social media platform on the EOS blockchain. The definitive list of crypto and Blockchain influencers in the Twittersphere. Next Article: Coronavirus Fear Shakes Up Markets, But Crypto Remains Unaffected. The German paper reported that the EOS has introduced a new social media platform against Twitter.

The crucial personalities that are Peter Thiel supposed to back Block.One and the […] Today in Crypto Twitter: ‘Blow to Bitcoin’ (2020-04-29) Written by BeInCrypto Staff | Apr 29, 2020 by Adam James | Forbes' Billy Bambrough really likes to deliver the 'blows to Bitcoin.' (Not financial advice.) The Big Block. Rick Delafont 3 months ago. Practice safe Bitcoin analysis on Twitter. Rick Delafont 3 months ago.
Info Twitter LinkedIn. Omar Faridi Journalist @ CryptoSlate. Share this article Tweet Post Share Post Email. Be sure to ... — Jack Dorsey, CEO Twitter and Square. Illustrations by A. Gnetova and G. Phan. The Knives are Out on Crypto Twitter as Bitcoin OG Turns into Altcoin Shill. 3 min read.

Twitter and Jack Dorsey have long claimed to be advocates of both bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, but according to some leading members of the digital community, this may not be the case. The name of the new platform is Voice. Well, there is no authenticity or evidence in the news so far. One of the earliest Bitcoin proponents is facing criticism for publicly endorsing an alternative crypto asset.

Advertisement. You can also export and import lists of followers in a special format. With additional reporting by Ben Munster and Tim Copeland. However, Handelsblatt affirmed that the new platform is backed by the EOS blockchain company. Casa, the cryptocurrency custody startup that aims to maximize safety and security for its crypto users, announced a “core shift” to its business. Twitter, whose chief executive Jack Dorsey has emerged as one of Silicon Valley's biggest bitcoin proponents, is plagued by crypto scams—despite the likes of … The Block is transitioning to a new email platform.

Who to follow, who to connect with and who’s making waves in the community. If you short into Bitcoin's block-reward halving, you're going to have a bad time. Updated: March 2019 Block Influence is a…