This game isn't that tough to platinum in my opinion. This is a rhythm game in the Persona series, this particular game is based on Persona 4 and is considered to be a sequel to it.

Congratulations. It is the 1st Persona story set after the Golden Epilogue of Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trophy List • 40 Trophies • 8,021 Owners • 62.86% Average 1 Platinum • 3 Gold • 15 Silver • 21 Bronze Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trophies • You got all the trophies!

A "Not Clear" rank will get you nothing, since that counts as a failure. Select the first tutorial or any as desired. Dancing in Moonlight: Obtained all trophies. You will end up on the menu screen, where you can select Tutorial. Find guides to this trophy here.

THANKS!!! It takes around 10-12 hours to unlock all of the trophies on PlayStation 4. Closing Night Dancing All Night. The Festival Begins. Welcome to Persona 4: Dancing All Night trophy guide. Senpai, You're So Cool! Trophy in Persona 4: Dancing All Night: Seen all Bond Fevers between Yu and Rise - worth 30 Trophy XP. Persona 4 Dancing All Night console. Obtain all other trophies for this platinum trophy.

If ANYONE could help me with this trophy I’d really greatly appreciate it, it’s the last trophy u need then my collection is complete. Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trophy Guide By ... Persona 4 Dancing All Night is a rhythm game developed by ATLUS.

Full list of all 40 Persona 4: Dancing All Night trophies - 21 bronze, 15 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum. Note that in most of these trophies, you have to get at least a "Stage Clear" or above rank for the songs to count. Edit: I GOT IT! 96 User Favourites. The story mode is in a Visual Novel format, and is quite long. Clear Chapter 1 for this trophy. My username is T-Fyre. It is very shiny. This is the Platinum. Better Safe than Sorry: Played a tutorial. This trophy can be earned as soon as the story intro has been completed. Trophy Guide.

Other than having to clear some songs on hard difficulty, you can do almost everything else on easy mode. Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trophy List • 40 Trophies • 7,067 Owners • 54.43% Average Question.