In a departure from the novel, quiet, delicate Miss Lambe, is ready to speak up and cause trouble. She didn’t like iSydney but she got on with the parkers well enough.

I hope that happens. It could have prevented Sydney to engage himself to Eliza and been with Charlotte but then there wouldn’t be an opportunity for a second season! The character of Miss Lambe, strong-minded and passionate, not only could have been explored much more, but also could have provided Sanditon with a way in to exploring the immense importance of the abolition movement at the time. She is also Sidney’s ward, brought her here under a watchful governess’ eye. I think she started to like sanditon, too. Instead, Miss Lambe is sidelined to make way for Charlotte and Sidney’s troubled romance. I just don’t understand why they didn’t ask Miss Lambe to be an investor in Sanditon. Miss Georgiana Lambe (played by Crystal Clarke) is a wealthy heiress from the West Indies who is most certainly not afraid to speak her mind and make her opinions known.