Instagram users can now "restrict" any chosen individual, which gives a few, immediate perks.


The overnight ratings make it the most watched of this year's series. The overnight ratings make it the most watched of this year's series. You can choose to view the comment by tapping “See Comment”; approve the comment so everyone can see it; delete it; or ignore it. You may take the help of the search feature present next to the home button. Close • Posted by 6 minutes ago. Tap Block / Unblock (iOS/Android) or Block / Unblock this user (computer).

If you no longer want to block someone, you can unblock them. You must be 16 years old or over to see this profile

Yes. Instagram has finally rolled out a ‘restrict’ feature that allows its users to protect their accounts from unwanted interactions, such as bullying.

This tool aspires to make Instagram a more user-friendly place to be, which places the power straight back in the palm of the user’s hands. To block or unblock someone: Tap their username to go to their profile.

Restrict won’t stop someone from engaging in bullying or abusive behavior on Instagram — but it will prevent that behavior from being visible to all your other followers.

Restricted profile. Open their account and tap on three vertical dots present at the top right. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can use it easily and get the solution what you were waiting for. Tap on Restrict Account to confirm your choice. Question. Enter Instagram’s newest feature: Restrict. Well, we have previously discussed Instagram dark mode and how to enable it on Samsung, running on Android Pie 9.0.Click here to know more about the Instagram dark mode.. If you’ve just updated the Instagram app on iOS and want to use this new feature, we’ll show you how to Restrict a user in the Instagram app.

There are already some options for dealing with bullies on the platform, like flagging content that will be sent to moderators for review. Instagram Rolls Out 'Restrict' Feature to Control Bullies' Comments Blocking a bully on social media doesn't always bring an end to online abuse. To try to address this, Instagram …

Instagram will start testing Restrict in the next few weeks and plans to roll it out to all users before the end of the year. With Restrict, the aggressor doesn’t know they have been restricted, though the lack of response to comments or messages might aggravate or annoy the aggressor, perhaps leading to some backlash in some other way (e.g., at school).

If a user chooses to restrict any individual, all of their future comments will be invisible to the public.