Rena Rouge's weird body attributions + Domino Mask MiraculousLadyhorse I'm here to discuss about the possible reasons to why Rena Rouge's body structure differentiates to her usual body reference models; particularly her reference models for Alya and Lady Wifi. Select Artist. When they swing the flute, the ball of energy will be sent off to cast a hyper-realistic illusion of whatever or whomever they are thinking of. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. MY RENA ROUGE AND OTHER MIRACULOUS CC IS HERE Rena Rouge CC **I was given exclusive permission to recolor the main suit by ALExIA483, and no one else is allowed to recolor the mesh** -Suit Mesh by ALExIA483 (x) -Mask Mesh by s-club (x) -Ears and Tail Meshes Made by Toskami (this is her Tumblr’s Graveyard, and the ears and tail are the FOX set near the bottom) (x) -My RR Recolor, along … Created By.

The flute is made of wood and the design is painted on with acrylic paint and then sealed with a gloss finish! If you liked our product, but you would like to make some corrections or you liked our store and you would like to order something unique from us - just write us about it. A replica of Rena Rouge's flute from Miraculous Ladybug! When the Fox Miraculous owner plays the Flute, it creates an orange-white ball of energy at the far end of it. Rena Rouge uses her flute as her weapon, being able to fight with it easily and use her special power. 6,793 Downloads 0 Comments. Powers and Stats. The Flute is the tool of the Fox Miraculous.. This item is available in primary color: white, secondary color: orange. Look like the fox herself with this handmade flute! Tier: Varies. Mirage is the special superpower granted by the Fox Miraculous to its owner. Rena Rouge - Set009 - Ring - Flute Published Dec 15, 2019. AleNikSimmer. Summary. The illusion disappears if it is touched. As Rena Rouge, she has enhanced skills, such as speed, strength, and most prominently, agility, shown when she can jump heights that Ladybug and Cat Noir could not. Please specify how long you would like the flute to be in the order! Download Add to Basket Install with TSR CC Manager. Rena Rouge‘s flute. April 2020.