It will almost certainly have a new title as ,although Refuge of The Roads ticked my boxes , it may not tick everybody else's . Throughout the entire album, there are references to traveling and running away, yes. She's running from her suffering and finding refuge in the roads, just as Muhammad ran from Mecca to Medina. 30-09-2018. But she's running from something in specific: love! I'm writing this on 18 December 2018 , meaning there are only six shopping days to Chr… Read More. ‘There, roads are generally free of cycle lanes, red or green painted patches, pedestrian refuges, traffic islands, widened pavements for cycle use and silly speed limits.’ ‘Traffic calming proposals included the creation of a central refuge at the west end of the village to help elderly people cross the road.’ You must be registered and log in to add a permanently indexed comment. Update - September . I think there's a reason Joni used "Hejira" instead of "road trip". The book will be published either later this year, or early in 2019 , by Veloce . It refers to the prophet Muhammad's flight from suffering in Mecca to refuge in Medina. Comments on Refuge Of The Roads Comment using your Facebook profile, or by registering at this site.