She attempted to assassinate Grigori Rasputin in his home village of Pokrovskoye, Tobolsk Governorate, where she arrived on 16 June 1914. The fact that the Royal Family was following the word of an unknown person of peasantry background who believed in magical healing was unsettling to the nobility.

While several on the list eventually were killed, they thwarted an initial attack (or two) and lived … 14 Multiple Assassination Attempts.

Via Some historians have dated the assassination attempt to 29 June 1914 or Monday 13 July. There was a rumour that he was too interested in women, especially young girls.

There were so many attempts made against Rasputin’s life, but the final attempts were what proved to make him famous for being the man who would not die. The Many Assassination Attempts. Rasputin assasination attempts – popular memes on the site That last assassination conspiracy extravaganza wasn't the first, not by a long shot. In 1914, Rasputin was visiting family in Pokrovskoye. Assassination Attempt on Rasputin – 29 June 1914 June 28, 2013 In Headlines from History by The British Newspaper Archive On 29 June 1914, Khioniya Guseva attempted to assassinate Grigori Rasputin in the monk’s home village of Pokrovskoe Selo in western Siberia. Assassination Attempts; Refrences As Rasputin gained power, the people of Russia, especially the nobility, became angry with the situation. Suddenly, a woman ran up to him in the street wielding a knife and tried to gut him like a fish, yelling, "I have killed the Antichrist!" According to historian Oleg Platonov, the assassination attempt was made on Sunday June 29 . This is a group of ten of the most famous assassination attempts.