Check if your PC can run the game with our free, easy-to-use detection tool or enter your system manually. The new Ranked system will now replace it. PUBG lite is being introduced, to increase the craze of the game even more.

Check if your PC can run the game with our free, easy-to-use detection tool or enter your system manually.

PUBG Mobile Lite - Android App 0.14.6 Englisch: Mit "PUBG Mobile Lite" erscheint eines der beliebtesten Battle-Royale-Spiele nun auch res­sour­cen­scho­nend für Android-Handys.

PUBG LITE will run on PC system with Windows …

As PUBG Lite is effectively a port of the mobile version of the game, but designed for low-end systems, all the settings are already as bottomed out as they can get. Players will only have two maps to play from - Erangel and Miramar. Transition from Survival Title to Ranked.

Ranked Mode .

The Survival Mastery level requirement to play Ranked Mode on the test server has been lowered to level 1. Additionally, unlike the main game, it’s only a 40 person battle royale rather than 100.

These requirements are much closer to its longtime rival, Fortnite. How to Download PUBG Lite For PC, The Minimum System Requirements for playing PUBG Lite, The Recommended Specs for the PUBG Lite.

If you can’t run PUBG Lite, you might just have to give up on your dreams of emerging a battle royale champion! Survival Title has been discontinued. Automatically test your computer against PUBG Lite system requirements.

PUBG PC System Requirements: With the recent release of PUBG on XBOX, you might be wondering if you can run PUBG on your PC, XBOX, or Mac. It is basically an all in one game combining the driving skills, sniping skills, strategic gaming and much more.

It will be much closer to PUBG Mobile than PUBG, but the thrill of the battle royale feeling will still be there!

We’ll be opening up normal matches with bots on the test server from May 14th 22:00 (PDT). It will even run on laptops and lowend systems that have Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better. List of Graphics Cards that can play PUBG Lite and meet the minimum GPU system requirement for PUBG

PUBG has always had a problem with its system requirements. PUBG Lite PC can be played on a PC that has at least 4 GB RAM.

PUBG is one of the most popular and loved all over the world.

PUBG PC Lite is a lighter version of PUBG PC, designed for devices that have low specifications and cannot run high-performance games.