The town was again devasted by another earthquake on January 14, 1907 and experienced two more in 1722. The painting below is a reconstruction of what the town would have looked like in 1840 after it was rebuilt. Port Royal may indeed have been the wickedest city in the world, but it was apparently also the weakest. It was at this time the earthquake, which historians now believe to have been of a magnitude 7.5, struck Jamaica, with Port Royal at the epicenter. Port Royal - Edward Barlow's Journal (1659-1703) Port Royal was a famous pirate having during the Buccaneering Era that is located on the end of the Palisadoes in the mouth of Kingston Harbor on the island of British Jamaica. Port Royal, Jamaica Background. Locations > Port Royal. On this day in 1692, a massive earthquake devastates the infamous town of Port Royal in Jamaica, killing thousands. Port Royal underwent a major rebuilding initative in the years following the earthquake, only to be ravaged by fire six years later in 1703.