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1.1K Likes. What is it even trying to do? Solved! I keep getting this and it never goes away when I try to open my free trial of IIlustrator.

[ugs.] after a long wait {adv} nach langem Warten: Please wait a little! Please Wait A Moment listed as MOM Looking for abbreviations of MOM? Bitte warten Sie einen Augenblick!

Looking for abbreviations of MOM? Attendez un moment , votre prix total va être calculé.

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I recently switched my Premiere CC subscription from pre-paid to monthly, and after trying to start Premiere, it brought up Application Manager. Wart' mal 'n Moment! Please wait a moment, your total price is being calculated. It is Please Wait A Moment. Gedulden Sie sich bitte einen Augenblick!

Wait a minute, please! Translations in context of "please wait a moment" in English-German from Reverso Context: Crop and add to the Download Center Please wait a moment... a97f3328.

Per favore aspetta che l'operazione termini. b97f3344. And now I have to pay if I want to try a different app? Apr 21, 2017.

[coll.] Please wait a moment until this operation is complete. Three informal English phrases for asking people to wait a moment. Alright, please wait a moment.

Uncle, we are coming, please wait a moment. MOM - Please Wait A Moment. Please wait a moment. Phrases using moment are useful for formal situations. If you have ever taken an English course, you probably learned the phrase “One moment, please” or “just a moment” for politely asking someone to wait for a very short period of time. Warte eine Sekunde! Commercial consulting +4155450 00 00 Show more Technical consulting +4155450 00 00 Show less Please wait a moment . Topics.

Va bene, aspetta un momento.

Creative Cloud View all replies. I understand, but please wait a moment. Please wait for a moment... roccor87203453. Views. It's been stuck on a loading screen that says "Please wait for a moment" for five minutes now. Please help! Is this because I finished a free trial of Deamweaver about a month ago. Un'altra operazione di generazione chiave è in corso. It is Please Wait A Moment. Capisco, ma la prego, aspetti un attimo. Aspetti un momento per favore. [coll.]

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Reply. But in everyday conversational English they can sound stiff and unnatural.