Looks great!!! 4/10 Nick has designed this 1:200 Delta IV heavy lifter rocket. Be careful not to aim the rocket towards anyone because the rocket could poke an eye. Point the rocket towards a safe direction, sharply blow through the straw. DISCUSSION: Paper rockets demonstrate how rockets fly through the atmosphere and the importance of having fins for control. Learn about the importance of stability in flight, and see how far your paper rocket can fly. Make a rocket that soars--with science!

The Starliner OFT-1 model and the Atlas V rocket OFT-1 model are now available.

Credit: George Retseck. Have you ever played with a model … Model here. Bill K. has a wonderfull version of the Mars rocket envisioned by Wernher Von Braun, Willy Ley, and Chesley Bonestell in the 1950's Model here.

As a bonus, the Starliner capsule in 1:100 scale in docking configuration is also included. The rocket will shoot away.

4/10 Ton's version of the Ariane V european rocket. Stubby Rocket: Tor.com : Niel's Paper Models: Thor-Able I (Pioneer) Niel's Paper Models : … Model … Enjoy! These two kits complement each other.