The Marmara Sea is in the boxed area. Source: Amijo et al., 2002. The North Anatolian Fault . Anatolia is bounded by the right-lateral and left-lateral pair of the North Anatolian Faults (NAF) and East Anatolian Fault (EAF) on the top and bottom, respectively. The Sea of Marmara is located in the North Anatolian Fault (NAF), a major continental transform plate boundary between the Eurasian and Anatolian-Aegean plates.
The North Anatolian Fault is one of the most energetic earthquake zones in the world. The Anatolian plate is escaping westward from between the vise of the converging Arabian and Eurasian plates. onto narrow fault zones where movement usually occurs by sudden slip associated with earthquakes. The deformation of the lower crust and the upper mantle is probably more broadly distributed and is typically thought to occur by ductile creep.
The The area is also under the influence of the N-S extensional Aegean regime.