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New Zealand's military services—the Defence Force—comprise the New Zealand Army, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Navy. We are still taking applications for Navy Basic Common Training (BCT) 20/2 starting on 24 August 2020, for the following trades:. The name “Operation Neptune” was chosen to commemorate the greatest single loss sustained by the New Zealand Navy. However, its military has had a global presence. Information on Naval Careers and the variety of employment options in the RNZN, New Zealand Navy. The administration structures that work for a ship work just as well for land establishments.
Joining the RNZN, Royal New Zealand Navy though one of the many positions or schemes.

HMS Neptune was being prepared for transfer to the Royal New Zealand Navy when she sank after hitting an enemy minefield in the Mediterranean on 19 December 1941 with the loss of all but one man, including all 150 of the New Zealanders who had already joined the ship. The Royal New Zealand Navy follows the Royal Navy tradition of commissioning land naval bases as through they were ships. Sortable list of commissioned vessels of the Royal New Zealand Navy from its formation … Royal New Zealand Navy applications are open. New Zealand's national defence needs are modest, since a direct attack is unlikely.