This thing is bloody massive. *Note that this is not 100% accurate, I just got excited and wanted to make a size comparison, mainly between New Shepard and New Glenn, so I didn't do much research to make this. 2 stage New Glenn - 34 tons LEO, 8.5 tons GTO 3 stage New Glenn - 62 tons LEO, 26 tons GTO, 15.5 tons TMI Those numbers are most likely to differ from the actual capacities, but they should be in the general area of what I want to start this discussion on the r/BlueOrigin community, I hope to update some of this in the coming months as … I've seen a lot of people putting New Glenn between Delta IV Heavy and Falcon Heavy in terms of payload mass capability. F9 and New Shepard graphics are from this post by /u/zlsa I traced over the New Glenn rocket from the recent image released. Following stage separation, the first stage flies back to Earth and lands nearly 1,000 km downrange on a moving ship, allowing the booster to land in heavy sea-states. New Glenn Here are my initial estimations for the New Glenn launch mass and potential as a vehicle for exploration. Early this morning, Jeff Bezos revealed plans for the next Blue Origin rocket, the New Glenn.

capacity is for expendable launches. New Glenn I promised a revised analysis a while back and only just now getting around to posting it. New Glenn lifts off from Launch Complex 36 at Cape Canaveral. Established in 2018, GlenPharmer is a premier New England distiller of hand-crafted spirits, boasting a full complement of premium liquors—whiskeys, vodkas, rums, gin, and GlenQuila®, an agave-based spirit. This was my initial thought, but it turns out that the Falcon Heavy 54,400 kg lift capacity is for expendable launches.