Trekking Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi's eruption lasted more than seven minutes and was heard in communities more than 30 kilometers away. Facts about Mount Merapi 6: The Eruption of Mount Merapi in October 2010 In the late October, there are a reported that a pattern of increasing seismicity from Merapi had begun to emerge in early September. That eruption had a measurable effect on global temperatures, said OMI scientist Simon Carn from Michigan Technological University. Standing 2.930 m a.s.l, Merapi is considered as a sacred mountain by Jogjakarta people. Mt.

Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia with small eruption intervals on average every two to five years Logistics must be prepared carefully because there are no water sources along the Mount Merapi hiking trail. En 2010, le mont Merapi avait connu une éruption majeure qui avait provoqué la mort de plus de 300 personnes et contraint plus de 280 000 habitants à évacuer la région. Merapi (literally means “fire”) is the most active volcano in Indonesia with its regular eruption. In 2010, the spiritual guardian of Merapi volcano – Mbah Marijan – were killed at his home by the eruption. Le Merapi, en indonésien et en javanais Gunung Merapi, est un volcan d'Indonésie situé sur l'île de Java, au nord de la ville de Yogyakarta.Il s'élève de près de 2 900 mètres au-dessus des forêts et des champs.Avec 49 éruptions explosives entre 1548 et 2010, il est considéré comme le volcan le plus actif et le plus dangereux d'Indonésie, produisant de périodiques nuées ardentes. The biggest eruption of Mount Merapi occurred in 2006 and 2010.

But as of early November, Merapi had emitted just 1 percent of what was released by Mount Pinatubo in 1991.