Click on an earthquake on the above map for a zoomed-in view. Map of New Zealand. 24/02/2020 16:13:06. Events in this list and shown in red on our real-time earthquake map and list are considered “significant events’, and they are determined by a combination of magnitude, number of Did You Feel It responses, and PAGER alert level. 24/02/2020 18:54:30. 1 List of deadliest earthquakes. The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list.

24/02/2020 16:02:58. Map of New Zealand. 50 km north-west of Te Anau.

What makes an earthquake "significant"? Relative2Me - Which earthquakes happened near you? A maximum of 100 earthquakes are displayed.

24/02/2020 19:00:34. Magnitude 3 and greater earthquakes are printed in bold type. for new earthquakes until a magnitude is determined (takes 4-5 minutes). A pie chart comparing the seismic moment release of the three largest earthquakes for the hundred-year period from 1906 to 2005 with that for all earthquakes of magnitudes <6, 6 to 7, 7 to 8 and >8 for the same period. The top three magnitudes greater than or equal to … Weak earthquake (Yesterday) Tue Dec 17 2019 6:49 PM. 9.1 km NNW of Korinthos. Try reloading the page to your browser. Latest Earthquakes Worldwide 856 earthquakes of magnitude > 4.0, for uniform distribution TIP To sort by multiple columns hold shift key and click on second and even third column header. 13.5 km NE of Patras. 2 List of largest earthquakes by magnitude. Earthquakes from the last 365 days that may have caused shaking Weak or greater in New Zealand. In terms of fatalities, the 2010 Haiti earthquake was the most destructive event, followed by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, 2005 Pakistan earthquake and 2008 Sichuan earthquake .

10 km north of Kaikoura. Magnitude = ? which may take several hours.) Earthquake measuring magnitude 3.0 strikes Surrey Epicentre is close to locations used for oil and gas exploration - but scientists say recent flurry of prospecting is not linked Americas Click on the word "map" or "MAP" to see a map displaying the earthquake. The 2011 Japan quake would be roughly similar to Sumatra. The following is a summary of significant earthquakes during the 21st century. Click on an event "DATE" to get additional text information. 6.2 km SW of Argostoli.

Weak earthquake (Yesterday) Wed Dec 18 2019 5:14 AM. Maps are updated within 1-5 minutes of an earthquake or once an hour.