Download Moon Days - Lunar Calendar and Void of Course Times and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Despite the moon void, Obama won the 2012 election handily.

The app contains lunar calendar and description for all moon days with characteristics and recommendations. - Don't make a new plan. ‎The best lunar day info application in the app store! Moon calendar: No. NOTE: All times shown are U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Every one of the candidates nominated with the Moon Void of Course lost. Features: Moon widget: No. This is helpful in case you're wanting to do any spells that day, and preferably you may wish to do them when the moon isn't void of course. This app tells you the moon phase, what zodiac it is in, if its void of course that day, and when the last void of course was. There is a change in life in respect to the opportunities missed or utilized. Be aware of the void-of-course periods of the Moon. Listen to The Stallion and the Hare episodes free, on demand.

You'll also avoid planetary pitfalls by following the easy-to-read retrograde and Moon void-of-course tables. - Don't trade a stock, FX, etc. This planner is perfect to carry and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. To achieve greater success in all your endeavors please consider using this beneficial astrological tool in timing things in your life. Moon Void of Course Download our app to be easily keep track of the lunar void of course. The main screen features the Moon phase, void of course times and even the Lunar Mansion (the lunar zodiac). About Void of Course Moon It is said that time zone in which the influence of the moon is disabled in based on astrology. Displays Moon's Phase, the Sign of the Zodiac the Moon is in, Eclipses, Apogee and Perigee, Void of Course periods, Lunar Days and Lunar Stations (Mansions) Lunar Gardening Calendar. Say, using the Now view shown in the first screenshot, you can see the next or the previous Moon's phase, sign or void-of-course period by simply swiping from the left or from the right.

Stop being superstitious about the void-of-course periods of the Moon, and start using them with confidence. You can even call upon an astrological chart for any time and geographical location. The void of course moon has typical influences on the lives of the natives. Loading... Unsubscribe from Stormie Grace? Are there connections … Time Nomad comes with useful iOS event notifications that notify about upcoming events — in advance — aspects, transits, solar and lunar returns, phases of the Moon and Moon Void of Course.