The winner of the Miss Congeniality Award at the 2013 Miss America pageant was Sloane Roberts, Miss Arkansas. Load More. With Sandra Bullock, Regina King, William Shatner, Enrique Murciano. On Putlocker - watch Miss Congeniality 2 Armed and Fabulous 2005 in HD 1080p with high speed link. Directed by John Pasquin. ... Why did Eric dump Gracie in miss congeniality 2? Eric Matthews : You gotta admit, part of you is going to miss this. Relationships aren't perfect, they grew to love each other but sometimes it's not enough, they were both so committed to their work, and they have different interests, they work together and all of those things put strain on a relationship, they don't all work … After Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns) and Stan Fields (William Shatner) are kidnapped, Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) goes undercover in Las Vegas, Nevada to find them. It is a low moment in “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous,” not to mention one that panders shamelessly to the film’s target audience of women and gay men, when Sandra Bullock and Regina King dress as men-dressed-as-women to perform a Tina Turner number in a drag club. rick and morty season 4 2019 , scoob! And … Gracie Hart : I know I am going to miss the heels because they do something for my posture.