I know one thing though, I am not letting that random Mickey, Donald and Goofy appearance in KHX slide. The first ones to speak against it were the Jedi who refused to take part in war and walked away from the Order. 5 Yozora's World Is Destroyed Or He Is Lost.

For, just as the Master of Masters had told his apprentices centuries ago, whoever claimed the thirteen Keys to the Kingdom would be destined to rule not only Kingdom Hearts, but every single world under its bright, all-encompassing light, now and forevermore. The secret ending film in which Sora, Riku, Yozora, and the Master Of Masters, all make an appearance in is indeed titled: "Yozora". Luxu is another of the Master of Masters apprentices. All Foretellers are baby, Sora is more mom Sora than MoM!Sora. Maybe I’ll write up some predictions about KHDR or Verum Rex, or a post on how KH and FF7R are thematically close to each other, or even (against my better judgment) entertain the crackhead theory that the Master of Masters is an adult Sora. In Kingdom Hearts X, his role is much different to the Foretellers. Although eccentric and nonchalant about most things, he can be gravely serious when the time calls for it and has a fatalistic view of the future he foresaw and recorded in the Book of Prophecies. 129. Sora Akatsuki (暁 宇宙 Akatsuki Sora) is one of the many characters in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.Sora is a hyperactive, impulsive, and intense Blader when partnered with his Cyber Pegasus 100HF.He took part in a Battle Bladers Challenge Match and befriended Kenta that led him to meet Gingka, and together, they defeated a local gang leader named Busujima.
My headcannon Ava draws all the KHUX artwork. 19. If the Master of Masters is indeed the next antagonist, Yozora would fit the bill: his name means "Night Sky", which is the opposite of Sora ("Sky"), and the game character exists in a copy of Toy Box created by Young Xehanort.

Something lighthearted, This one is pretty early into Sora’s appearance in Daybreak Town.

Some fans think the Master of Masters is Sora or Riku, having traveled through time in one way or another. SPOILERS: Xigbar and Master of Masters . The Master of Masters is the Keyblade Master of the Foretellers, Ava, Ira, Aced, Invi, and Gula. These theories usually depend on the belief that the Master of Masters isn’t malevolent, but handles the Foretellers the way he does because he knows their destiny can’t be changed. Prophecy or not, he sets them up to fail. Nate 08/13/18 .

He told Sora not to judge by appearance, which may have been Nomura giving US a message about Demyx, and even had Demyx go so far to say "I'm so under everyone's radar" in KH3, as … MoM!Sora Sora As the Master of Masters sora!master of masters kingdom hearts AskMoM!Sora