Synagogues may be considered "oldest" based on different criteria such as oldest surviving building or oldest congregation.

Synagogues are not only spiritual places of assembly but, quite often, pieces of architecture that combine astounding beauty with stories of historical triumph. The largest synagogue in the world is probably the Belz Great Synagogue, in Jerusalem, Israel, whose main sanctuary seats up to 10,000. Id Kah Mosque, China Id Kah Mosque is located in … The largest Jewish Synagogue in the world is probably the Beiz Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel. 14. Synagogues around the world Berlin, Germany The New Synagogue was once the largest and most magnificent Jewish place of worship in Germany and, at the same time, it showcased the confidence of the established Jewish middle class of Berlin. Scroll slides to see 10 of the world’s most beautiful shuls. Dohány Street Synagogue is also known as the Great Synagogue of Budapest.It is the largest synagogue in all of Europe, seating 3,000 people.It was completed in 1859.

World's largest synagogues * The largest synagogue in the world is probably the Belz Great Synagogue, in Jerusalem, Israel; whose main Sanctuary seats 6,000. The shul’s Torah ark today (photo courtesy of Diarna: The Geo-Museum of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Life). Masjid Negara, Malaysia Masjid Negara is the national mosque of Malaysia. The Great Synagogue of Budapest is the second largest synagogue in the world, after the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. Europe Synagogues are prayer spaces (sanctuaries) and places for worship in the Jewish faith. (Sephardi Jews trace their roots back to pre-Inquisition Spain, Portugal, and the eastern Mediterranean, in contrast to Ashkenazi Jews, who came from Eastern Europe.) 12. * The next largest may be the Satmar synagogue in Kiryas Joel, New York; which is said to seat "several thousand". New England's largest Reform congregation continues to grow and expand. For instance, the structure features two opulent minarets and is furbished in detailed designs reminiscent of Middle Eastern aesthetics.

Some of the world’s most spectacular synagogues were built by lesser-known Sephardi Jewish communities in Greece, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. A new synagogue, one of the largest in the United States at the time of its construction, was completed in 1878. We asked docents across our network to delve into the architecture and history of some of the most iconic synagogues from around the world, and help put diverse Jewish narratives in Context. The Jerusalem Synagogue That Began Its Life as a Pub ; Why Jerusalem Has Two 'Ramban Synagogues' The magnificent sanctuary, with a ground floor that seats nearly 3,000 men, and six galleries (two for men, four for women) that seat 5,000 more is actually just the seventh floor of the vast Belz World Center in Jerusalem. The main sanctuary can seat up to six thousand people. Its architecture is of the Moorish Revival style. The Moshe Dari synagogue is considered the seat of the Egyptian Karaite Jewish community. Great Synagogue or Grand Synagogue may refer to; . Its Minaret height is 203 ft. 13. The Dohany Synagogue, in Budapest, is one of the world's largest and the largest found in Europe. Construction on the edifice lasted for over 15 years. Grozny Central Dome Mosque, Chechnya Gronzy Central Dome mosque is located in Chechnya and it is one of the largest mosques in Russia. Book a Tour The synagogue was established between 1854 and 1859. Kehilat Kol HaNeshama, a Reform synagogue located in Baka, Jerusalem, is the largest Reform (and largest non-Orthodox) Jewish synagogue in Israel. It is located at center of capital, Kuala Lumpur, and has a very beautiful architecture. A synagogue is a place of worship in the Jewish faith.

Belz Great Synagogue, in Jerusalem, the largest synagogue in the world; Dohány Street Synagogue the Great Synagogue (Nagy Zsinagóga) of Budapest, Europe's largest and the world's third largest synagogue. ; Subotica Synaggogue, The Jakab and Komor Square Synagogue in Subotica, Serbia is the second target in Europe It holds some of Egypt’s oldest Jewish sacred texts and Torah scrolls, also on the premises is the country’s second biggest Hebrew library, inaugurated in 1994 and home to more … Great Synagogue or Grand Synagogue may refer to; . Centers of Jewish life, synagogues reflect both the city that surrounds them and the communities that built and continue to use them.