Following Roosevelt's death, Truman guided the U.S. through the closing months of World War II, including the decision to use the new atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte was elected the first president of France in 1848. The Supreme Court. September 5, 2019. The directors and executive officers of Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd., as of January 12,2020, are as follows: Executive Officers.

Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet. List of State Ministers.

US presidents who have served since the USA became a country in 1776.

List of Presidents (gichō) and Vice Presidents (fuku-gichō) of the House of Councillors. The Second Republic was dissolved after Japan surrendered to the Allies in 1945; the Commonwealth was restored in the Philippines in the same year with Sergio Osmena (1944–46) as president.

Prior to that point, the country had been ruled by kings, emperors, and various executives.

Ministries and Agencies.

Outside Directors. Address by the Prime Minister at the 5th Eastern Economic Forum Plenary Session.

This page contains links to websites for the Cabinet, Ministries and Agencies, the Diet, the Supreme Court and other government agencies.

The succession of republics was several times interrupted (1852–70, 1940–44, and 1944–46) by other forms of government that did not List of famous presidents with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. The prime minister of Japan (内閣総理大臣, Naikaku-sōri-daijin, or Shushō (首相)) is the head of government of Japan and the commander in chief of the Japanese Armed Forces.The prime minister is appointed by the Emperor of Japan after being designated by the National Diet and must enjoy the confidence of the House of Representatives to remain in office.

Originally chosen and appointed by the emperor (with the recommendation of advisers), since the constitution of 1947 the prime minister has been designated by the Diet (Kokkai) before being formally Outside Director, Development Bank of Japan Inc. Chairman, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Vice President, Japan Sport Association: ENDO Toshiaki: President, Panasonic Corporation: TSUGA Kazuhiro: Board Member, Japan Anti-Doping Agency: KONO Ichiro: Member, International Olympic Committee President, Japanese Olympic Committee Executive Board Member, International Judo Federation: YAMASHITA Yasuhiro President of Japan Air Commuter Co.,Ltd: Executive Officer: Mitsuko Tottori: Cabin Attendants Division: Executive Officer: Shingo Takei: Western Japan: Executive Officer: Munekazu tachibana: Flight Operations: Company Profile and Corporate Policy JAL Group Corporate Policy JAL Philosophy