Insufficient injection-molding machine performance (shot capacity, plasticizing capacity, etc.) A molded product that is incomplete because the mold cavity was not filled completely. Description. Troubleshooting: Injection Molding Seven Steps Toward Scientific Troubleshooting.

Injection Molding Reference Guide Materials, Design, Process Optimization, Troubleshooting and Other Practical Information from the Experts at Routsis Training Plastics is a sophisticated and diverse discipline. Injection molding calls for the use of man-made synthetic polymers such as polyethylene, ABS, and nylon. Possible Solutions-Check mold for undercuts and/or insufficient draft.-Decrease booster time.-Decrease injection pressure.-Decrease injection speed.-Decrease injection-hold.-Decrease mold close time.-Decrease nozzle temperature.-Increase core temperature. AMILAN™ Nylon Resin Technical Information|Injection-molding|Common injection-molding defects and their countermeasures Short shot or short molded Ⅰ. At WayKen, we have encountered many similar plastic injection molding problems and solutions in some cases of prototype injection molding. Nylon is a crystalline polymer that absorbs moisture, so be mindful of the following points when attempting to mold nylon. As shown in Figure 1.1, the melt viscosity of nylon is highly dependent on temperature, so control the molding temperature closely. That’s what this Injection Molding Reference Guide is all about. 1.1.1 Thermoplastics vs. Thermosets Polymers get … This article continues our series of troubleshooting reports from one of the leading on-the-spot problem solvers in the molding industry. All troubleshooters must document the process. Ⅱ. September 28, 1998. A scientific troubleshooter is not someone who pushes buttons faster or has more tricks up his or her sleeve. In order to create injection moulding products for our customers, we extremely take injection moulding machine parts details and injection moulding step by step to heart before manufacturing parts and during the injection molding process. Table 1.1 shows the melting and molding temperatures for nylon. To excel, you need a good grasp of a wide range of concepts and data. The Troubleshooter, Part 20: Warping and voids in nylon. Injection Molding . By: admin. Bob Hatch is manager of technical service and customer support for Prime Alliance, the Des Moines-based resin distributor.

Causes . Before you injection-mold nylon. Sprue Sticking generally occurs in a cold runner mold when the sprue is staying in the mold.