The Enlightened seek to spread the influence of the mysterious force behind these portals. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest. Ingress Primeリリース当初は、1.0で使えた機能が使えない、動作が重い、電池の消耗が早いなどの不満が多く出たが、「2019年9月末には完全に Ingress Prime に移行する」という当初からのアナウンス 通り、2019年9月末をもって従来のIngressである「Scanner REDACTED」は廃止され、「Ingress Prime」に … The World is Your Game. Гра Ingress була офіційно запущеною у бета тестування 16 листопада 2012 і підтримується онлайн маркетинговою компанією.

Це було занотовано на різних заходах таких як Comic Con в Сан-Дієго 12 липня 2012. Ingress: The Animation (イングレス Inguresu?)

è una serie televisiva anime, basata sull'omonimo gioco a realtà aumentata sviluppato da Niantic.La serie, prodotta da Craftar, venne trasmessa per la prima volta in Giappone dal 18 ottobre al 27 dicembre 2018. Voces adicionales César Beltrán - Doctor (Ep. The world around you is not what it seems. Welcome To Ingress The Ingress Story. 04), Luis Alfonso Mendoza - Furuta, Osvaldo Trejo - Azmati Of the 101910 characters on Anime Characters Database, 0 are from the ona - original net animation Ingress The Animation. Ingress: The Animation es una serie de anime basado en el juego móvil de realidad aumentada de Niantic del mismo nombre. Learn To Play. They wish to help the Shapers infiltrate the earth believing that they will bring with them a new sense of enlightenment and knowledge. Interact with real-world landmarks to collect valuable resources from Portals to empower your Faction. x. Explore the mysterious world around you with the Ingress Scanner. In Italia e in altri paesi all'infuori del Giappone la serie è disponibile sulla piattaforma online Netflix Believing the Shapers will help humanity advance they will fight the resistance in order to spread the Shaper’s influence and allow this power to influence mankind. 01), Edgar Luna - Tegawa, Hiram Cárdenas - Hulong Alfa, José Luis Miranda - Soldado (ep. Fight for the side you believe in. Choose a Side. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side.

What is Ingress Prime?