Download map now! If you are a manager; don't edit da description or delete/promote anyone. Edit. Then you'll be able to download this map after this Minecraft Movie. Minecraft vs Mortal Kombat. After eliminating the Slenderman, there seems to be nothing that can stand in his way. It was just another day and Herobrine was transforming some pigs into zombies for his army. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Who will win? pvp map 4 to 8 players 2minimum whose goal is to kill the leader herobrine or notch of the opposing team. HEROBRINE IS REAL OR WHETHER NOTCH IS HEROBRINE'S BROTHER OR NOT!!!!! Just invite as many people as you can :D) (Btw I don't own the pic.

Null Vs Herobrine. I wrote the fact that they are against each other, however I never gave a full explanation of why and how. History Comments (5) Share. ' Exodia Build ' Team and ' NewHeaven ' Team are proud to present you their last commun projet Notch VS Herobrine a map which will be used for a MineCraft movie. DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE, JUST NOT HERE!!!!!)
It s horrible to see you here greeted Herobrine.

Notch, the actual mastermind behind and ruler of Minecraft, has summoned Herobrine to a fight to the death. Notch's rumored brother or the specter of Outworld? episode of Death Battle.

Herobrine has become the self-proclaimed ruler of Minecraft. Boomstick: Herobrine the dead brother of Notch,the god of Minecraft.

Notch and herobrine will help players on their team by giving chest or potion effects but will harm the opposing team with mobs or random effects. Wiz: A very long time ago the two brothers created the minecraft world notch stood for peace and created the villagers, cows, pigs and all the good stuff in minecraft Boomstick: But herobrine made the bad like ghast those damn creepers and those scary noises you hear in caves Herobrine VS Ermac is a What-If? Herobrine has become the self-proclaimed ruler of Minecraft. Herobrine opened it.

... As of the previous theory I made a day ago, I completely pulled this massive connection to Null and Herobrine out of my hair. Herobrine vs Notch book. Hello said Notch with an awkward smile. There came a knocking at the door. (If you are a curator, just add any Minecraft projects :3 and don't ask to be manager.
However, this is all about to change. He was surprised to see Notch at the other end of it.