Poleaxe vs Glaive I'm new and will start a character tonight.

I've always loved glaives, but I … The halberd moveset, and the glaive moveset. Such blades are called glaive-guisarmes. Providing you can kill enemy shields consistently, the Halberd does plenty of damage but with a much more manageable charge time. According to the 1599 treatise Paradoxes of Defence by the English gentleman George Silver, the glaive is used in the same general manner as the quarterstaff, half pike, bill, halberd, voulge, or partisan. The short length is about the height of a man (often abbreviated 6’, though of course most people are not quite that tall). Meanwhile, the Halberd would be heavier and more expensive, but offer two different types of damage, making it more versatile if your enemy is immune to Slashing or Piercing. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments .

It is a versatile weapon that could be used as well against metal-armor-wearing opponents than against people more lighty armored ones, both at short and medium range, and that was especially devastating against cavalry. Almarone.

Can people playing give me a few thoughts on playing a Poleaxe or Glaive, which are the two classes I'm considering at the moment? I want to know, which do you prefer? As nouns the difference between glaive and guandao is that glaive is a weapon formerly used, consisting of a large blade fixed on the end of a pole, whose edge was on the outside curve while guandao is a chinese polearm with the blade mounted on top of the pole (as opposed to on the side like most european polearms). Damage out put is sweet, moveset is good, except for the spin2win moves which I am not a fan off. SO I tried Red Hilt Halbred, and its nice, but didnt get much joy out of it. Occasionally, glaive blades were created with a small hook on the reverse side to better catch riders. I find Glaive is only better than the Halberd if you have cloaking or a Pre-Ignitor. Glaive vs. Halberd - what's the difference? As a rule of thumb, polearms come in two lengths. Also, on hard mode, there's a massive difference between having 3 power or 4 power dedicated to a single weapon. If memory serves, a "Halberd" is Old English for a musician employed by Harold while a "Glaive… LAtely I have been rocking the Winged Hlabread and its amaizing. An halberd has an ax head, a spear point, and a pike similar to the one on the back of a warhammer opposed to the axe. Under the category of all halberds, there are two main movesets. Halberd: 20gp, 6lb, 1d10 Slashing, Heavy, Two-Handed, (1d10 Piercing, Reach) The Glaive would be cheaper and lighter, but offer only slashing damage.