Cutting through the Ghost forest in the midst of October is never a good idea. One artist attempts to highlight the awful reality of deforestation with a stunning installation of massive tree stumps.

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Halloween is a month long holiday for these mischievous ghouls and they don't like it being interrupted. 2K 12K (1 Today) By Ellysiumn | Watch. On the evening of January 26, 1700, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked the Washington coast off Grays Harbor, causing the land to instantly drop in elevation by up to 6 feet around the region.

Courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery. Get paid for your art. The work is intended “…to highlight the alarming depletion of the world’s natural resources, and in particular the continued rate of deforestation, …which impacts upon climate, biodiversity and the livelihoods of indigenous people”, Palmer explains. New images of 'ghost forest' art Some of the trees might have stood at the same height as Nelson's Column Computer images of a "ghost forest" art installation planned for Trafalgar Square show the vast scale of a project designed to highlight deforestation. Traditional Art, Digital Art, Music Production, Cosplay The scenes, architecture, and environment of this piece is absolutely outstanding!

The Ghost Forest of Copalis isn’t just someplace that scientists study, it is a location that we can all access, and a unique destination for visitors from around the world. Ghost Forest consists of 10 primary rainforest tree stumps which were brought to Europe from a commercially logged forest in Western Africa. Ghost forest. Photo: The photograph shown at the bottom of this article is of the artist Angela Palmer, sitting on one of the exhibits for her fantastic Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Buy from $4.79. Donovan: Spanked in the Ghost Forest. I love the little fireflies in the background.

Very nice. Maya Lin's Ghost Forest preparatory sketch for Madison Square Park, 2019. I like the Sonic style art.