The Magnitude increases +2, energy increases 1000 times. Calculator How much bigger is a magnitude 8.7 earthquake than a magnitude 5.8 earthquake? AlabamaQuake interactive earthquake energy calculator, showing total converted and released energy in the seismic moment and in radiated seismic waves, and providing representations of earthquake energy in common everyday equivalent quantities. $100 Promotion.

Richter magnitude is a scale used to measure the effects and destructive power of an earthquake. This Java Script calculator gives an estimate of the amount of energy released during an earthquake. Magnitude earthquake has several types, and currently the moment magnitude is mainly used. The estimate is computed from the Richter magnitude; energy … 1J = 1N*m 1TNT-ton=4.184GJ

We want to see your websites and blogs. We use your calculator ideas to create new and useful online calculators. Earthquake Energy Calculator. Calculator Ideas. Calculator Popups. An explanation of the magnitude of an earthquake versus the strength, or energy release, of an earthquake... with a little bit of math. Enter Here. Scientific Calculator Simple Calculator. Win $100 towards teaching supplies! That relationship is: logES = 11.8 + 1.5M. It can be used to measure the energy released by a quake.

This calculator uses the moment magnitude. An earthquake is a shift in tectonic plates in the Earth's crust. Submit Calculator Idea Find the TNT Tonnage / power equivalent to the Earthquake magnitude using this online calculator. Richter, working with Dr. Beno Gutenberg, developed a relationship between magnitude and energy.