Its robot inhabitants are called "hosts" and are there to serve at the pleasure of the human guests. Dolores is an everyday word that people use in Spanish. I had a friend who's middle name is Dolores, she got pregnnant when she was 14, we would always make fun of her saying "ahora si que va tener muchos Dolores" (now she's going to have a lot of pains). ... "Itai doshin" is a Buddhist concept meaning … The new season of HBO’s sci-fi drama “Westworld” kicks off with Dolores infiltrating the real world in 2058. Reach the Door and destroy the guests' data in the Forge, in order to shut down his own immortality project (failed).Commit suicide (failed). For example, take another look at the name Dolores… Play in a Westworld where the hosts can fight back and humans can die (succeeded). Aaron Paul (who plays Caleb) told Insider he wasn't aware of the double-meaning of his character's name when he first got the role. Though it's not a hard rule, many names in "Westworld" appear to have a symbolic meaning. "Westworld" is the name of a futuristic fully immersive park with a Wild West theme. In a show like “Westworld,” the various names of characters are likely to have a larger symbolic meaning.

The idea that Westworld is a mere amusement is not, in fact, exculpatory. Reach the center of the Maze so he can learn every secret about the Westworld park (failed). Dolores, Maeve, Bernard, and Teddy each experienced flashbacks of some kind that pushed them away from their "set" paths within the park. So what could "The Well-Tempered Clavier", the title of this week's episode of Westworld, mean to viewers?

The name Dolores, for example, can be interpreted as "sorrow" or "pain." Be with Dolores Abernathy (formerly).. Take over Delos Incorporated (succeeded). The Westworld season finale includes the apparent demises of two characters, though the way is paved for both of them to continue on in some way, shape or form: Dolores and the Man in Black. This name is ugly. I suppose the obvious answer is Dolores with her desire to smash the algorithm that is controlling humanity. The Well-Tempered Clavier is a series of 48 compositions written by famed composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

In case you're still not clear on what the Cradle actually is, it's essentially a server farm — officially named Room CR4-DL — located within the Mesa Hub. What Is the Cradle, Exactly? It's like when you say "I have a lot of pains", it's an everyday word!