Once Tropical Cyclone Uesi, which is now classified by the Australia Bureau of Meteorology as extratropical, will pass dangerously close to the coastline of eastern Australia as the region continues to deal with ongoing flooding. Ex-tropical Cyclone Uesi is on track to hit New Zealand late on Saturday and bring heavy rain to the West Coast, Fiordland, Southland and Otago. The path of a tropical cyclone north of New Zealand is still uncertain, but a meteorologist says it's not posing any immediate threat to New Zealand.

Although it is now an "ex-tropical cyclone," Uesi continues to generate some moderate rainfall, especially in its southern quadrant as it moves toward New Zealand. A new tropical cyclone has formed north-west of New Zealand - and it's already hit category 2 status. By the time Tropical Cyclone Uesi approaches New Zealand it will be classified as a low rather than a tropical cyclone, but it will still pack a punch, meteorologists warn. A new map shows Cyclone Uesi's predicted path of destruction towards New Zealand. Tropical Cyclone Uesi was named by the Fiji MetService overnight after growing in the Coral Sea. Tropical Cyclone Bulletin This TC Potential Bulletin describes any current cyclone activity, along with details of possible cyclone development over the next few days. A tropical system will make its way through the Tasman Sea, bringing tropical impacts to New Zealand by the weekend.

It is normally issued during the TC season from 1 Nov to 30 Apr, but also outside this period if required for a potential or active cyclone.