A good warm-up is so important, not just for the body, but also for the mind; A good warm-up does not consist out of static holds, or exercises with heavy weight! The 10+ videos below show some good bodyweight warm-ups that focus on mobility and raising the heart rate at the same time. nothing, this approach to warming up is largely a waste of time in that it will not improve flexibility, does not involve the whole body or major functional movements, misses an ideal opportunity for reinforcing and practicing some critical exercises, and poorly prepares an athlete for rigorous athletic training.

Home » CrossFit » Training » CrossFit Warm Up Ideas and Routines to Prep for Training Your warm-up is crucial if you want to train hard and increase your performance in CrossFit. This video is unavailable. An athlete performs any combination of lifting, jumping, running, and gymnastics movements.
You are here: Home / CrossFit / 9 Unique CrossFit Warm-Up Ideas (Games, & Exercises) 9 Unique CrossFit Warm-Up Ideas (Games, & Exercises) June 4, 2019 By Kyle Hoffman. Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue. Coach Snow goes over a general 9:00 warm up routine to do prior to any workout without any equipment! Warming up is a priority, especially for new people. Start your next WOD with any of these CrossFit warm-up ideas, games, or exercises.

CrossFit workouts are no joke.