top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? I love apple pie with a nice slightly melted slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top.. my friend however, finds this appalling. 2. save hide report. Looking for advice on paring diverse pies and cheeses I naturally looked to Vermont. Archived. apple pie and cheddar cheese.. is this an odd food combination? 16 comments; share; save; hide. apple pie and cheddar cheese.. is this an odd food combination? 11 comments .

Season to taste. Apple pie Cheese toast .

report; all 16 comments . We'd like an outside opinion... any thoughts? Close. Post a comment! In combination with calcium, this mineral is associated with bone mineral density. Apple pie with cheddar Marko Kudjerski/CC BY 2.0. If you are the type to add cheese to apple pie, you might not realize that you are at the center of a long controversy. Cottage cheese is a great source of calcium and, with its Vitamin D content, can give us the synergistic benefit of the two micronutrients. sorted by: best. Why should apple pie be the only pie that gets the cheese. Posted by. Another, often-overlooked mineral is potassium. JinxOnU78 20 points 21 points 22 points 8 months ago . Create an account. Make a red sauce in a pan (olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic, etc) using either jarred sauce or canned tomatoes with some extra garlic and a few handfuls of your fresh tomatoes and red onion (make sure to brown the onions and garlic first until they're soft). 8 years ago.

share. When the breasts are done flash frying, lay a thin slice of mozzarella cheese on top of them. submitted 8 months ago by JinxOnU78.