Volcanic eruptions The modern volcano, much smaller in size than its massive neighbors Kamen and Kliuchevskoi, was formed about 4700 years ago over a late-Pleistocene lava-dome complex and an ancestral edifice built about 11,000-7000 years ago. 2012 Eruption An eruption occurred at Bezymianny volcano on 9th March 2012.
Girina, who is part of the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team, suspects that the 2018 swarm of earthquakes could instead have been leading up to the Bezymianny eruption in March. Meanwhile, Sheveluch Volcano has remained restless since an eruption last month, with a growing lava dome and continued ash emissions. Ash rose to a height of 8 km and drifted 700 km NE. Three periods of intensified activity have occurred during the past 3000 years.

NASA. 2010 Eruption An explosion possibly occurred at Bezymianny volcano between from 23:42 UTC on 5th February and 01:58 UTC on 6th February. Bezymianny Volcano, Russia Erupts to 10.1 km (33,000 ft) a.s.l. Ashfall was reported at Ust-Kamchatsk Village, 120 km ENE. The crater was formed during a dramatic eruption in 1955-56, which was similar to that of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

A steaming lava dome fills much of the large horseshoe-shaped crater cutting the ESE side of Bezymianny volcano in this late-1980's view from the SE.

Top: 21 August 2019 with SWIR filter (bands 12, 8A, 4). Posted by Teo Blašković on March 15, 2019. The paroxysmal phase of a Bezymianny-type eruption may include powerful lateral explosions and pumiceous pyroclastic flows; it is often followed by construction of lava dome or pyroclastic cone in the new crater. Lava flowed from the dome.

Bezymianny Volcano exploded Friday, throwing ash 50,000 feet into the air — some 1,300 miles from Unalaska.. Satellite imagery allows to detect an increasingly hot zone on the upper western slope of the lava dome inside the summit caldera of the volcano.
False-color satellite image of Bezymianny volcano 29 Dec 2019 (image: Sentinel 2 / Sentinel Hub) The activity at the volcano remains elevated. Typical infrared satellite images of Bezymianny showing thermal anomalies in the summit crater, including a lava flow to the WNW. Bottom: 17 September 2019 with Atmospheric Penetration filter (bands 12, 11, 8A). Most of this traffic is from the Americas and Europe to eastern Asia, so someone flying from Seattle to Hong Kong might be in the path of an erupting volcano even if their destinations are thousands of kilometers from the action.

Courtesy of Sentinel Hub Playground. Volcanic eruptions on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula have delayed and canceled flights in the Aleutian Islands over the last several days. Satellite imagery allows to detect an increasingly hot zone on the upper western slope of the lava dome inside the summit caldera of the volcano. March 18, 2019 March 18, 2019 Cap Allon A powerful eruption took place at Russia’s Bezymianny volcano, Kamchatka at 17:29 UTC on Friday, March 15. New activity/unrest was reported for 7 volcanoes from March 6 to 12, 2019. This list documents volcanic eruptions by human death toll. Volcanic eruptions can be highly explosive.Some volcanoes have undergone catastrophic eruptions, killing large numbers of humans or other life forms.