What if they decided to bring back Bahamut Lagoon onto the DS? Blood of Bahamut could be a subtitle … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bahamut Lagoon (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1996) - Japanese Version at the best …

[SNES] Bahamut Lagoon Wie bekomme ich Zugriff aufs Cartmoddingforum | Fire Emblem: Das Siegelschwert Übersetzer gesucht | Videotutorial - Spielpatches benutzen! Trials won’t sell the amount of copies that ff7 will bring to the company. Maybe that's what Blood of Bahamut is -- a PSP port or something. Bis auf eine sehr schicke Rendergrafik gibt es noch nicht viel zu sehen außer einem Countdown, der am 17.11.2008 um 15 Uhr deutscher Zeit abläuft. | Spenden für die Seite 1 I preferred the Sword of Mana remake to the OG Final Fantasy Adventure, but I'm excited to finally own a legit copy of SD3.
... Don't forget the Final Fantasy VII Remake event regions leave at the end of the month. Rumortoid: Bahamut Lagoon remake in the works. Look I can’t overstate this enough: Bahamut Lagoon is awesome, and like some of the games above, it needs a wider audience. Or if they remake it like Final Fantasy III & IV? A trademark doesn’t guarantee Square Enix is working on Bahamut Lagoon remake or anything of the sort. Only one word may be changed (however it can be any word may be changed, even in a subtitle). Also, I would love to see Legend of Mana get a true sequel. Rumortoid: Bahamut Lagoon remake in the works. Such a connection has not been confirmed or denied by Square Enix. I have posted a load of info and trailers in the Blood of Bahamut Forum , check them out. If the game is part of a series then each one may be used (not including numbered titles but subtitles are fine). 0. Sein erstes Projekt war Bahamut Lagoon, danach arbeitete er als Event-Planer an Final Fantasy VII. Seit 1994 arbeitet Motomu Toriyama bei Square Enix. A trademark doesn’t guarantee Square Enix is working on Bahamut Lagoon remake or anything of the sort. That tradition continues with Final Fantasy VII, and will probably keep going after that.

Square Enix, bekannt für Final Fantasy oder Dragon Quest oder auch Bahamut Lagoon, veröffentlichte am gestrigen Nachmittag unserer Zeit die Website bahamut.jp.

Classic Vgm Soundtracks 5,607 views I know how easy it is to get your hopes up. Proceed with caution. Rules: Each game can only be said mentioned once (Including remake/remasters). If you haven’t seen Bahamut Lagoon before take a look at this clip.

This is a long shot and a blind guess based on a recent Square Enix trademark for "Blood of Bahamut". Proceed with caution. FF tactics tries to copy it, but doesn't exectute it quite as good. Before its official announcement, the trademarking of Blood of Bahamut prompted rumours of a connection to Bahamut Lagoon. Disagree, the trials of mana won’t sell or or make the amount of money that ff7 remake will make and bring to the company. You don’t even have to go all out 3D like ToM, you could do a Bahamut Lagoon remake like they did to the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre (which I replayed right before ToM came out). Bahamut Lagoon Super Nintendo Snes Complete Soundtrack OST Game Music - Duration: 1:03:53.

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