With the growing popularity of storing and managing data using Azure SQL Database, demand for full-text search capabilities in a wide variety of applications is rapidly increasing. Azure Search is intended to provide developers with complex search capabilities for mobile and web development while hiding infrastructure requirements and search algorithm complexities.

Pay as you go. With Full-Text Search now available in Azure SQL Database, you have access to fast and efficient search capabilities for your demanding applications.

var batch = IndexBatch.New(actions); indexClient.Documents.Index(batch); I kept this code in a loop where I need to upload around 50 Million documents to Azure Search.

I am adding 1000 documents to the IndexBatch and calling index() method some thing like below. The batch size is always 1 as one event message only contain one entity that I need to merge or upload in search.

View detailed pricing for Azure Cognitive Search, a cloud-based search-as-a-service for web and app developers. Before going into a step by step tutorial, let us understand what Azure search is from official Azure Search documentation: Note: As per Azure document I'm not sure but document post limit per batch only 1000 allowed but for testing purpose I'm passed the 0 documents in IndexBatch.New(actions); Then Azure throws the …

Ask Question ... Is there any simple way to remove all documents (or a filtered list or documents) from an Azure search index? Specifically, this feature enables the following in Azure Search: Field-scoped search; Term-boosting to customize ranking and relevance How to remove all documents in index.

In my microservice (responsible for feeding data into azure search instance based on events messages), I am trying to MergeOrUpload an IndexBatch.

In this article, we will learn how to create Azure search index, load document/data to it and query the search results.

I like the idea of having an index service provider being part of my solution as it allows developers to perform searches quickly and effortlessly without going through the pain of writing essay-length SQL query.

Azure Search has exposed the full Lucene query language to users of the service (in preview). No upfront costs. Developed as part of Apache Lucene, the Lucene query language allows you to construct powerful queries. Try for FREE.