Conferral - General Eligibility (tested) When you have been lawfully resident for four years or longer, you may be eligible to become an Australian citizen. The status of Australian nationality or Australian citizenship was created by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 (in 1973 renamed the Australian Citizenship Act 1948), which came into force on 26 January 1949. By Conferral: A person must be the permanent resident of Australia before applying for Australian Citizenship. Citizenship by Conferral; Citizenship Wizard; Evidence of Australian Citizenship . Create an ImmiAccount to apply for citizenship by conferral online. there are some less australian citizenship legislation (strengthening the application for citizenship by conferral. Applying for citizenship. If you are applying for Australian citizenship by conferral, you are required to provide evidence of your entry to Australia. entered Australia before July 1990 and have not travelled outside of Australia … The old eligibility rules still apply right now and they are: You are over … Citizenship by Conferral; Citizenship Wizard; Evidence of Australian Citizenship . Dictionary entry overview: What does conferral mean? To become an Australian citizen you need to meet certain requirements that include that you: are a permanent resident at time of application and time of decision; meet the residence requirements; are of good character; have a basic knowledge of the English language Applicants who are young and intelligent, with a fair degree of qualification and skill and a good level of proficiency in the English language are usually invited and preferred as they are the ones who can help in the nation building process. You may not be apply for citizenship online if you: are a Protected Special Category Visa-holder, (do try to apply online). 1.3. Citizenship by Conferral. The Australian Citizenship Act 2007 sets out the law relating to Australian citizenship, including automatic acquisition, citizenship by descent, citizenship for persons adopted in accordance with The Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on

Citizenship by Conferral – General Requirements.

The main avenues to Australian citizenship are citizenship by Conferral, by Descent or by Adoption. Current and previous passport; Travel document with visa such as a Document for Travel to Australia, PLO56 (M56), Titre de Voyage Adoption Convention) or a bilateral arrangement, and citizenship by conferral. What does Australian Citizenship by Conferral Mean? The Australian Government has announced changes to Australian citizenship requirements which are effective 20 April 2017. Home page Citizenship information line Fees Fees are specified in the Australian Citizenship Regulations 2007. For applicants who are permanent residents of Australia, and have lawfully resided in Australia for at least four years.

Citizenship by conferral requires an application, and applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements set out in section 21(2) of the Australian Citizenship Act, including: being over 18 years of age at the time the person made the application 1. the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift Familiarity information: CONFERRAL used as a noun is very rare. in Australia to speak to an operator (recorded information available outside these hours). Concession fee for Australian citizenship by conferral

If you are outside Australia, please contact your nearest Australian mission. Applications for Australian citizenship by conferral, applications to resume or renounce Australian citizenship from clients resident in China and Mongolia are processed by our Overseas Citizenship Unit (OCU) in Canberra. Citizenship by Conferral.