For me, this is an end-game set-up.

The AKG K240 MKII professional over-ear, semi-open headphones carry on the success of their predecessor—the AKG K240 Studio—and are a standard in studios, orchestras and on stages around the world. AKG K240DF Frequency Response and CSD Waterfall Plots.

Its cushy, semi-open back design sounds huge, and remains comfortable even during marathon sessions.

They sounded pretty good.

There's no headphone where you can get a.. connection with the music like with the sextett's.

I'll let him explain what he did. The AKG K240 is one such example of a product that has stood the test of time for many years. In 2002, AKG refreshed the lineup and passed the torch to the K240 Studio. It’s important to understand that there are a lot of gimmicks in the audiophile world, and when it comes to headphones it’s no different. At +- $100 these are a steal. Skip to content. I have to agree with what's been said above. The K240 headphone has been a studio standard for years, and with good reason. Keep in mind the -40db floors show more that what most people can hear. I have AKG K240 late production sextett's, probably the exact same as Tyll used in this review. At head-fi they're described as "grado'ed" AKG's. If I sound partial to these, it's because I am. Designed with easy to drive 55 Ohm drivers, the new model blurred the lines between consumer and professional usage and is one of AKG's best selling professional headphones of all time.

These were modded by Rex. Sonic Circus ; 888 SC4 GEAR (888 724 4327) Contact; English X. English French Italian German Spanish Portuguese. Decent DAC, decent amp and sextetts. The next upgrade would be … This is a warm sounding headphone with some slight treble emphasis. AKG’s most popular headphone. Sonic Circus; … AKG’s most popular headphone. By the way have a look at how does the AKG K240 Studio compares to the GS-1000 and the sennheiser HD650 as far as frequency response goes. I am sure the stereo image of both this headphones must be superior of that of the k240 Studio but considering the huge difference in price I am loving my AKG K240 Studio more every day.