Apollo 13 is 153,172 nautical miles [283,675 km] from Earth, travelling at a velocity of 3,809 feet per second [1,161 m/s]. Even so, he hopes that one day, NASA will return to the moon. As stated to the press, Jim's time aboard Apollo 13 was his last space mission. from Apollo … In my neverending quest to make history come alive, I'm showing the movie "Apollo 13" with Tom Hanks, and having the kids draw parallels between the nearly fatal moon mission, and Odysseus's long bumpy ride home after the Trojan War. Apollo 13 was the seventh mission of NASA's Project Apollo and the third manned lunar-lander mission. In an effort to draw detail out of the high density in the area of the normal location of the cryogenic oxygen tank 2 in bay 4, two black and white frames (AS13-59-8500 and -8501) and three color frames (AS13-58-8462, -8464, and -8465) were subjected to photographic processing enhancement for specific details. An Apollo 13 flown checklist that was made famous by the 1995 movie adaptation of the 1970 moon mission drew more than a dozen deep-pocketed collectors into a bidding war on Nov. 30, rocketing the final hammer price into the six figures. Also, if necessary, the 13 crew could open the tunnel and use oxygen from the Lunar Module. I'm teaching the Odyssey in my Ancient Greece class. Ken Mattingly orbited the moon as command module pilot of Apollo 16, and flew the Space Shuttle (having never gotten the measles). These questions are designed to be viewed as they watch the movie, but also to draw from knowledge gained during an astronomy unit. The flight was commanded by Jim Lovell.The other astronauts on board were Jack Swigert and Fred Haise.. Specifically, I was reading this Wikipedia article which discusses how if systems had been turned on in the wrong order, there would have been insufficient power. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around … from Apollo Training Manual. Is this a UFO or some other anomaly? "Apollo Spacecraft & Systems Familiarization" (March 13, 1968) Command and Service Module. Apollo 13 is the fifth time that a manned spacecraft has made the return from the Moon. Left side panel - Left section - Middle left section - Middle right section - Right section - Right side panel. In an image sent from Apollo 13 to NASA in 1970, an odd object can clearly be seen. Isolating the surge tank leaves oxygen for entry if this should become necessary. Closely watching oxygen quantities and pressures in the Command Module. Apollo 13 made roughly $25 million in its first three days, or nearly as much as both of the other debuting movies combined.

12. Gene Kranz retired as head of Mission Control in the mid-90's. On Apollo 13, some time was given to making sure that spacecraft systems were turned on in the correct order. Engine Locations. 3 hours, 17 minutes remains in the crew's rest period. Guidance Navigation and Control Systems. Apollo 13 is a great way to wrap up an astronomy unit! Apollo 13 Minimal Movie Poster by Chungkong canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Jim Lovell's original Apollo 13 checklist Fetched $388,375 at … This is Apollo Control at 43 hours, 42 minutes. Apollo Control, Houston; continuing to troubleshoot with the Apollo 13 crew.