Gymboree calls its mission statement a vision statement: "Children are at the heart of everything we do. You might be writing your first mission statement for your brand, how exciting! 29 Examples of Vision Statements From Impact Brands Andrea Shillington September 22, 2015 3 comments It’s been decades since Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic speech in 1963, and yet the phrase “I have a dream today” is still widely recognized. Across all of our brands, we aim to make shopping and getting dressed easy and fun. It should not feel generic, lacklustre, or be useless. Aside from expressing your aspirations and dreams for your company, it also provides the framework for all strategic planning. Your business mission statement should define your vision so well that it almost feels like a strategy, it should exuberate passion and authenticity. A vision statement serves as the anchor of any institution. Childhood is filled with special moments every day and we design comfortable, quality clothes and accessories for memories in the making.