Born in 1845, the first known Sirius Black was the older brother of Phineas Nigellus Black, former headmaster of Hogwarts.

Sirius has a small, faint companion star appropriately called The Pup. The bright component of the binary is a blue-white star 25.4 times as luminous as the Sun. Sirius may have been one of a kind in many respects, but he was not the first – or second – of his name.

"Sirius" is an instrumental by British rock band the Alan Parsons Project, recorded for their sixth studio album, Eye in the Sky (1982). However, using the keen eye of Hubble's Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS), astronomers have now been able to isolate the light from Sirius B and disperse it into a spectrum. The All Seeing Eye in freemasonry is derived from the Eye of Horus. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, a star that became the marker of an important ancient Egyptian calendar, and a star that is said to be at the centre of beliefs held by the Freemasons. The star that you can see with the naked eye is called Sirius A, or sometimes just Sirius.

That name signifies youth, but in fact the companion to Sirius is a dead star called a white dwarf.

“Sirius” is the first song on “Eye in the Sky” and segues directly into the title track, which was itself a sizable U.S. hit upon its release. The Eye of Cthulhu is a pre-Hardmode boss. Sirius is said to rise in the east, hence it became known as the Eastern Star (also the name of the female’s version of freemasonry, although men may join as well). Sirius is a craftable post-Moon Lord summon weapon and the upgrade to the Sun God Staff.It summons a stratus light entity that hovers above the player's head and shoots beams towards nearby enemies. Nearly two minutes long, it segues into "Eye in the Sky" on the original recording.From the 1990s onward, "Sirius" has become a staple of many college and professional sporting arenas throughout North America. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, Sirius is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. STIS measured light from Sirius B being stretched to longer, redder wavelengths due to the white dwarf's powerful gravitational pull. It is a binary star in the constellation Canis Major. Stream SiriusXM on the go and at home. Sirius (/ ˈ s ɪr i ə s /, designated α Canis Majoris (Latinized to Alpha Canis Majoris, abbreviated Alpha CMa, α CMa)) is the brightest star in the night sky.Its name is derived from the Greek word Σείριος Seirios "glowing" or "scorching". It is taught that the “Star of the East” lead the Three Magis to Jesus Christ. 5. It can also be summoned manually with the Suspicious Looking Eye ( see Spawn below ).