A beautiful testimony of the power of God and the faith demonstrated to stand and believe that you have received a divine healing – even though the full healing was not manifested – yet!

This powerful testimony of faith and healing is from a beautiful woman named Martha.

The testimony is very detailed and explicit. This is because Martha made it very clear that she wanted to ensure that those reading her testimony truly understood the severity of the sickness that she endured for many many years!

This is an extraordinary testament to faith in action…. Martha believed, she decreed, she stood on the Word spoken and healing virtue released to her no matter what she felt or saw thereafter….and – she is now completely healed in the Mighty and Majestic Name of Jesus!!

All glory, honour, praise and thanks can only go to the Healer Himself – Our King – Jesus! Glory Hallelujah!

Be blessed as you read her amazing testimony!

img_4123Dear Shammah Outreach Ministries,

To God be the glory of the great things He has done. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write to you in sharing my testimony. Jehovah Rapha, God our Healer has certainly done it again! Please excuse the detail of this testimony only because I really want those that are reading this to understand what God has done for me.

For many years, since I was 19 years old, I have always had irregular menstrual cycles. It would come for a month and then disappear and wouldn’t come again for another month. From then, I was placed on birth control pills to try and regulate it, which was helping for a little while, but then my body seem to be getting used to it, and they started me with some other medications in my late 20’s. I always had a difficult time during the monthly cycle.

It was not until the last 4 years, when my cycles became so severe that I was then diagnosed with Menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is fancy word meaning menstrual periods that is abnormally heavy/ prolonged bleeding. I was losing so much blood and I was already diagnosed before with a rare case of anemia deficiency; and now, with the excessive blood loss, I was losing twice as much blood then I ought to be losing. If you can picture Niagara Falls, well…that is how it was for me. I was wearing super plus tampons, along with the longest pads that you could think of, or spend my day in the washroom…I would have to change myself every 15 minutes and that’s if I was able to make it to a washroom in time before an accident would occur. I could not go into work at least 2-3 days a month due to this condition! I was EXTREMELY weak and tired, my body would shake uncontrollably, and I was always tired and cold. I lost so much blood one time, that I went to the hospital, and they said I would require a blood transfusion if I don’t get this under control!

That is when it really got to me….I said to myself…”God you have healed me before from several other major illnesses like colon cancer, and empty sella syndrome…and, I know YOU WILL heal me from this Menorrhagia — I will not have a blood transfusion!”

Every day from that point on I would decree and declare over myself that “I am healed in Jesus name”. I said Lord, “Hear I am calling out to you like the woman of issue of blood, I don’t know if this woman had the same issue as me, but Lord if You did it then I know You can do it now for me as well! This is me reaching out and touching the hem of your garment…….. Menorrhagia be gone in Jesus name!”

I would keep singing songs of healing, and even during the following months, when my cycle would come I would notice I wasn’t always so tired, but the flow hadn’t let up as yet, I was always giving Him thanks and praise for complete and full recovery healing. I would say “Lord, I thank you that YOU ARE MY BLOOD SUPPLY!” Your blood is what gives me strength each and every day!!!”

One evening I was on my cycle and I had such an urgency to go to the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Healing Encounter. So, I went with an expectation to receive a healing from God.
On March 12, 2016, I asked my friend Wills if he could drive me, as I was very ill, tired and shaky, but I was determined … I said, “Lord, tonight I need a touch from you”.

Pst. Sandra – you prayed for me and as you were prophesying over me, I remember you saying, “every sickness in Jesus name be gone, be gone in Jesus name, every disease is gone now in Jesus name!”

Pst. Sandra, you  did not know of my sickness, so I knew it was leading of the Holy Spirit!

Every month from that point on I continued to see small changes here and there with my cycle. I still kept saying, “Lord, like the woman with the issue of blood, I have reached out and touched your garment, I am healed!” I even started to make changes —- I would stay home for 2-3 days due to the abnormal flow, and frequent need to change, but I even stepped out in faith and I started going into work during the days I would normally stay home…and when my co-workers would see me and say, “Martha, you look so weak”…I would say,…”Though I feel weak right now, He is making me strong”!

It was not until the last 4 months I can say, that I have received the full manifestation of my healing. The last 2 months, I really stepped out with the faith of God……I said to myself, “Lord, I am believing that you healed me, so why am I still buying these excessive large sanitary napkins? By faith, I am purchasing the normal sizes as I used to back when I was 19 years old”.  And so – I did.

To God be the glory!!!!

issue-of-blood-picI can fully say…”GOD HAS HEALED ME COMPLETELY!!”

From having to go to the washroom every 15 minutes — to now questioning to myself ..”did I even go to the washroom today?” It is A MIRACLE!!! To GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

So thank you again Pst.’s Sandra, Todd, and team, for constantly reminding us of the importance of “believing and standing” in your healing and having faith – even when you cannot see it – yet!! Believe that you have received! You always say to the people that “it is what you do after you leave the sanctuary that is important…because the enemy will be right there to try and steal, kill and destroy your healing — and it is not about what your five senses are telling you, but it is about believing that you have already received your healing by the blood shed 2000 years ago and acting it out by faith in the Healer” ….and IT IS VERY TRUE!!!

I truly experienced and saw the manifestations take place when I started to do things and put my “faith into action” little by little, and I was not moved but what I saw or felt! I did not come into agreement with Satan!

I love your healing ministry and may God continue to bless each and every one of you.— Martha M.

Let Our Testimonies Arise!

BROKEN BABY TOE HEALED – Friday, August 5, 2016!

A colleague at work called me to let me know that she had an accident and her toe is broken.  She went to get an x-ray done yesterday and it was confirmed the bone broke completely and there is nothing they could do as it is the baby toe. She said that she prayed over it already and when I heard what she prayed I immediately asked her to meet me downstairs in the café  — as hoping in a healing and taking authority/commanding the healing/miracle gets two very different results. I wanted a meeting with her broken toe!!  She began to chuckle.  I told her she would be healed. 

Well, I met with her broken toe alright…. I met her with the Sword of the Spirit and the spoken word and began to command the broken bone to reconnect and go back into alignment in Jesus’ Name…… The Sword is the Word and the Word spoken calls forth those things that are not as though they “were”, and all things must obey and so the bone obeyed!!  Miracle of God. She is healed in Jesus’ Name.

Authority is exercised through our spoken word of the believer. The power of life and death are in the spoken word: Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Now go and limp no more!!  She did!  I told her to get another x-ray…… for the glory of God!

Hallelujah and all praise and glory go to our Lord and Savior — JESUS!!

Acts 1:8 Jesus said, “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and you shall be witnesses.” The clear promise is that HIS power would be in US.

— Pst Sandra for BB


July 22, 2016

For the last year 2 years my son has struggled with anxiety, fear and trouble sleeping.  This not a testimony of what precipitated these things, but how God set free my son.

In meeting Rev. Sandra quickly perceived that my son was called and would stand in the office of a prophet, which was a confirmation.

She also perceived very quickly at another time that he was having great difficulty sleeping, and was being tormented at night.  I had said nothing to no one, so I know she was accurate in the Spirit. She asked if I would like prayer for my son, and of course I agreed as I couldn’t stand to see my 8 year old boy struggle any longer.

She and Rev. Todd were very loving, gentle and very caring towards him.  They spent some time with him, talking with him and then they prayed.

She held my son, and began to pray for him.

She prayed and did deliverance over him for about an hour.

Many demonic spirits were cast out and he was set free from so much. His face changed that night, and he doesn’t look the same.

He was set free from the following spirits: torment, trauma, spirit of death, fear of mom dying, deaf and dumb spirit, Leviathan spirit, words spoken again him, affliction, infirmity, anger and a spirit to destroy his destiny/calling.

This was not an easy thing to watch, or experience as his face would change, he would spit up, cry – but with each demonic spirit that came out – his face would change…it would seem like he could finally breathe.

He has been a totally different boy since that day.  He is so much happier and at great peace. He has been able to go to bed alone now, he knows after being taught by myself, and reinforced by Rev. Sandra how to speak and to stand when and if he feels scared again.

As a parent you will do anything for your children as you don’t want to see them in pain, you don’t want to see them in agony or torment.

I am so thankful for the ministry received from Rev. Todd and Sandra.  They helped facilitate deliverance and freedom for my little boy.  They will minister again to him and I except total deliverance and freedom even more than he has received now.

I would implore you if you are struggling in any are to continue to stand on the word, to speak the word as it will work for you.  But God has anointed Rev. Sandra and Todd with special anointing to help the body of Christ and unbelievers receive total deliverance and freedom from anything demonic or oppressive. — Anonymous

Beautiful Testimonies:

We have been in prayer and strategic warfare for a friend of mine at my workplace who was diagnosed with cancer in the blood.  He is a believer, but not deep into the things of the Kingdom, but saved (glory to God) and I promised prayer over him. He needed to go for further tests last week and the count of a particular cancer and if it  is 10 points you have the blown up cancer – and anything under – you don’t have it, but it is borderline.  They told him that because of all his symptoms and results of other tests that they were positive he had it and at a high level beyond the 10 (I don’t quite get that but I am not a doctor).  He stopped by my office today and reported that the counts are below 10 so no cancer!!!!  They are all shocked! But, God is not shocked because the power of agreement and calling things forth and taking what we already have in the blood of Jesus is only a shock to the devil himself and that name of cancer must submit!  Glory to God…praising His Holy Name!  My friend is ecstatic and he is receiving Jesus more and more and more! Amen!

Then another colleague called and asked me to go for a coffee during lunch because she needed advise about her career and job positions.  What a beautiful opportunity to minister to her about Jesus and her career path – aligning Him with her choices.  She was moved to say the least and allowed me to pray with her.  When I looked up after the prayer she was in tears as it touched her heart. It was powerful because she was touched by the love of the Father.  She hugged me so tight my buttons almost popped!!

Faith without works is dead!  We are called to be His hands and feet and to go out and do the things of the Kingdom in partnership with the Holy Spirit accompanying us!

Yesterday, during lunch again, I had the opportunity to meet with my friend who is a strong believer as she asked me for prayer.  We sat in the concourse downtown Toronto and I began ministering to her.  Here is her email to me today:


Feeling so much better today.   And feel I am looking better too.

Took your suggestion; gave her a thank you card.   She was very touched and said she thinks I’m a consummate professional (high praise indeed)

Praise the Lord!  I had a huge release and am set free.

Thanks darling.”


You see — when we take the time to bring the heart and love of the Father to people – in the workplace, on the streets, in our homes, at the mall, and out of the church buildings – that is where we are impacting for His glory!  We are planting seeds that will grow wherever we go – all for Jesus!!

Wow — I encourage you to take that step of faith and go beyond the boundaries of the four walls – and preach, minister, heal the sick, deliver the captives….being doers of the Word always as we are called to do in His precious name —- KING JESUS!!!

Giving HIM all praise, honour and Glory! Amen!!— Pastor Sandra Benaglia


Cancer Healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!

“I had a surgery in May 2015. I had lost so much blood (6 blood transfusions during that time)..so while I had that other complications around July, I started radiation and chemo to reduce the tumor.  I was supposed to have this major surgery back in October 2015, but I was not well.  Still experiencing bad burns on my body – we had to cancel surgery.  Then surgery was supposed to be in January and I had other mishaps in my life in December,  so I was injured from that.  In all this believing that God has a better plan, but experiencing bad pains.  So it got worse, the tumor started to grow!”   TM

This is just a snippet of this precious woman’s journey!!   And what a journey indeed!!

A precious friend of ours asked if I could get in touch with this beautiful lady that was battling cancer to pray for her.  We connected in January of this year over email and continued communicating and I could feel her pain.  Our Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Intercessors began to fervently pray and release our faith with her for her healing.  We stood on our Solid Rock and believed that when the prayer of faith is released – the sick shall recover in Jesus’ Name.  She was so upset that she could not come to our Shammah Encounter in February or March because she wanted to be there to receive healing.  I told her that she does not have to be in the services to receive her healing and that like the Centurion who had Jesus just “speak the Word”  from a distance for his servant to be healed – that we have the same power and authority in Christ Jesus and we can do the same and she would be healed in the mighty name of Jesus!  Not attending a church service does NOT limit or disqualify you from receiving the power of God to heal and deliver and set us free!!!  No way!  That is religious stinking thinking and not Kingdom thinking that gets results!

My exact words to her was this after reading some of her life’s journey through the sickness……

“I have taken some time to really take in all you have shared and I am amazed at your faith stance over all of this.  I know this is much for us in the natural sense, but we both know this is nothing for God.  You will get through this my friend. God is good and His healing balm of Gilead is here. We will be praying for you my friend.  Although you will not be at our next Encounter on March 12…. He will encounter you directly – wherever you are.  Know that your miracle is at hand now and you will rise in all He has destined for you to do in Jesus’ Name.  You will be a great testimony for the Lord.  Even through surgery – He is our Great Physician and will direct with His righteous Hand!”

Then, we prayed and took authority over the disease and stood in agreement with her for the manifestation of her healing and for the Lord to guide the hands of the surgeons while they went in for a 12 hour surgery.  By faith, this brave woman of God believed and received her healing. After only a week or so after a major complicated-surgery….the doctors have reported that she is CANCER FREE!!!!   GLORY TO GOD!!!

What a testimony unto God Almighty – our Lord Jesus Christ!  We are rejoicing with her and rejoicing and praising God for His Son, Jesus and being resurrection week – knowing that His shed blood on the cross bore our sins and took our infirmities and sicknesses and by His stripes we “were” healed 2000 years ago!!

Jesus only had to “speak the Word” and the servant was healed, and all we need to do is by faith – believe – speak the Word and call forth healing in Jesus’ Name!!!


1 Peter 2:24

“ He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.”

Isaiah 53:3-5

He was despised and rejected by men;
    a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief;
and as one from whom men hide their faces
    he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
Surely he has borne our griefs
    and carried our sorrows;
yet we esteemed him stricken,
    smitten by God, and afflicted.
But he was wounded for our transgressions;
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,
    and with his stripes we are healed.

Matthew 8-13

But the centurion replied, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof, but only say the word, and my servant will be healed.

And to the centurion Jesus said, “Go; let it be done for you as you have believed.” And the servant was healed at that very moment.

GLORY HALLELUJAH!!— Pastor Sandra Benaglia

Testimonies from our Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing and Miracle Fire of God Encounter – Saturday, March 12, 2016

Power of God fell with deliverance and healing happening …Fire of God over Pastor Sandra with people slain in the Spirit even during the Worship!  Hallelujah… God is great…deliverance and healing in the atmosphere…Miracles taking place…Glory to God in the highest.

Thank God and thank God for you His servants powerful in filling presence of God…the anointing was flowing during worship, people slain, and my friend that I brought was under the power of God and she said she has never fallen slain in the Spirit before.  I said to her, “but Sister, no one even touched you…it was the Holy Spirit”. My friend was shaking under the anointing and you were on point in the prophetic.  Praise God and she is healed!  — Pastor Roshini


I had massive deliverance just sitting there in His presence and then continued to cough up all the way home.  Set free!— Pastor J.M.


Awesome meeting last night at Shammah Outreach Ministries!  Many healings, miracles and deliverances.  Thank you Pastor Todd, Pastor Sandra, Sister Jenice, and Brothers Kevin and Claudio. Don’t miss their “Prophetic Workshop” in April 7-10, 2016!  — Pastor J.Millar

Be encouraged as all that was prophetically spoken was clearly from the Spirit of God.  Accurate and confirmed much of what God has been saying to us.  The two young men we brought – one has never been under the power of God that way before.  His legs were shaking all the way home.  You spoke on point, accurate and brought healing to the broken-hearted.  The other young man was touched by God and things broke off of him.  It was a powerful time in the Lord and His Glory and Fire fell.  — Pastor S.C.


I came up for tumors in my mouth and there was a root cause. My daughter passed away from them as well, but you broke the generational curse and prayed over me and I am healed in Jesus Name.  The anointing is so powerful over you Pastor Sandra…and I was delivered from many demonic spirits and finally set free.  Thank you for your servanthood.— Mrs. G.


When you called out the succubus spirit it was bang on… deliverance of a spiritual husband destroyed in Jesus’ Name!  — Pastor I.M.

Testimonies from our Fire of God Encounter – February 13, 2016

Hi Pastors Todd and Sandra,

My name is Penny B. I was at your service in Milton last night – 20160213_215024 - 9February 13. I was there with my friend. You might remember me as the lady with 12 knee surgeries ~ the Lord in His Great Mercy lengthened and grew out my leg and strengthened my back. Most importantly though, He gave me rest for my weary soul and this morning awoke with a renewed strength in my spirit. I am so grateful……………….Blessings to you and your ministries.— Penny




What a powerful night. Holy Spirit showed up as usual. Glory was everywhere! Everyone was prayed for. Healings, deliverances, encouraging prophetic words…thank you to Shammah Outreach Ministries. — J. Millar

Praising the Lord for this Testimony of Divine Healing at the recent Shammah Outreach Ministries Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing and Miracle Encounter-January 16, 2016


A Catholic couple came in because they had heard of the healing ministry and knew Rev. Todd from his workplace.  The wife came suffering from cancer and did not really believe that the Lord could or would heal her! The doctor’s reports for her were very bleak! We knew during the worship that God was already pouring down His Fire with healing dust and we felt His Presence already manifesting with healing. Well…. not only did this couple both receive eternal salvation by confessing publicly and accepting Christ wholeheartedly—-which is the greatest miracle of all….. but we also released the prayer of faith and deliverance over her body by the laying on of hands and she just came back from her follow up appointment with the oncologist and the doctor could not believe the results…. 6 spots that they saw previously are completely gone! The blood levels that show cancer levels went from a very high level in the last reporting to over 3/4 gone and the doctor was in awe. This couple is in complete awe and praising and worshipping Jesus!

They also received a prayer cloth on Saturday night as we preached the word that talked about the Apostle Paul …. “And God wrought miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons and the diseases departed from them, and evil spirits went out of them. BELIEVE! Acts 19:11-12. The husband said they have not let go of their prayer cloth  – that is faith! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and the blood shed 2000 years ago is the same blood that heals today!

This couple received the “Double Cure”…. spiritual healing (salvation) and she received her physical healing …. Hallelujah!! We declared she was healed and today she is healed in Jesus Name! There is no greater name than the name of Jesus ….. cancer must bow to the name and all sickness must flee.

Do you dare to believe???

The Word of God says….”just believe by faith and you will have it”. When we step out in faith… the King steps in and sickness has no place in His Presence!

Glory Hallelujah. .. To our KING JESUS!!— Reverend Sandra Benaglia

Testimony in the Workplace: Monday, October 19, 2015

Today, one of my colleagues comes in the office in pain as she has been experiencing progressive deterioration in her foot.  She has needed special orthotic shoes and has spent much money on them.  In particular, I saw her standing today, and noticed that one leg was shorter than the other.  She actually said that she thought so too, but was surprised the doctor never picked that up.  My other colleague was sitting next to her.  So, I said let’s check!  I lifted up her legs and sure enough one was shorter than the other by about one inch.  My other colleague reconfirmed that the leg was indeed shorter.  I asked her if she wanted to see a miracle and that Jesus could heal her right now because of how much He loves her.  She looked at me really funny and said, “well…okay”!  My other colleague said, “no way”! I said “yes, way”….and that Jesus is our healer and miracle working God and He loves you so much.  So they both looked anxiously and as I prayed the leg grew out into alignment.  The one colleague said that she thinks that the other colleague was sitting wrong, so she did not believe it, after she saw it with her own eyes and took the measurement herself!  The colleague that was prayed for said she felt it grow and when she stood up she felt the difference and the pain was gone.  The unbelieving colleague said, “we will see tomorrow if she is healed!

Truly we give God all the glory!!

For those that believe – miracles, signs and wonders will accompany them!  As we continue to show the love of the Father with the Word and demonstrations of His power – there will always be those that even though they “see the evidence” – they still don’t believe – we continue to pray that their eyes will be enlightened by the truth of God’s Word!

Throughout the Bible, you can find references to the power of faith and the spoken word – It is powerful.  Jesus consistently taught that we should “speak” to our problems, or whatever is trying to shake us up or get in our way.  If you keep saying, “it doesn’t look like we’ll ever do this, or nope – I don’t believe that,” You’re right!!! You won’t!!  It really doesn’t matter what the circumstances say.

God’s Word is the final authority!!

Amen!— Reverend Sandra Benaglia

A testimony of God’s love and power today – March 15, 2015……

Reverend Todd and I were in Winners and he was in the change room trying on a pair of jeans. As I was waiting I noticed the change room attendant limping and in pain. I asked her what happened to her leg and she said she had a stroke at 42 years old and that she lost mobility and arthritis had settled in. I told her how much Jesus loves her and that He would heal her and asked if I could pray …… I also asked her if she knew Jesus and she said that yes she does and that He was a prophet and that Allah is God. I told her that Jesus died for her and with His death and resurrection His shed blood would heal her and He is God’s Son not Allah. She asked “How fast can you pray because I am afraid of my manager”? I said I am going to lay my hands on your leg and Jesus would heal her and I did just that. After I prayed she was healed in Jesus Name.

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah for when we step out by faith to do the things of the Kingdom our God never fails to show Himself to the unsaved.

Her manager was heading back and she said thank you with emotions and we left.

Even though we did not have more time to spend with her…..we know that the Holy Spirit put this Muslim woman in our path for a reason and our assignment was done.

Glory to God, for out of obedience we were able to step out in faith and demonstrate the power and love of our Abba Father!!

Amen!!— Reverend Sandra Benaglia