Apostles Todd Smith and Sandra Benaglia Smith, and the ministry are so excited to share this amazing opportunity given to us to further the Gospel to the Nations!

Shammah Outreach Ministries has been given a huge open door and offered a contract with Charisma Magazine (Charisma Media) to be a part of their family and network.

They want to share our Lives, Teachings and Broadcasts with their audience! They will be managing all the advertising, promoting, logos, features, etc. to get this all up and running. Praise God!

This broadcast will be on all of their media platforms as well as podcasting available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, YouTube and these media vehicles will reach millions of people all over the world – the Nations! They will also feature some of our articles in the Charisma Magazine! This is Canada’s time to reach people far and wide.

If our ministry has ever blessed you, we would so greatly appreciate if you would please consider sowing into what God is doing through this ministry and this huge assignment that He has entrusted us with! God has been so good and faithful and we know the funds for this huge opportunity will come because it’s His vision and His timing in all things!

You can give using the “Donate” button, or PayPal or e-transfer… or
[email protected]

Nothing is too small.

We love you all, love what God is doing, and can’t wait to get started!